Magic Month: Magician Jon Allen and Mind Reader Harrison Richards

October 29, 2012

“You must be getting tired of magic now?” asks close up and stage magician Jon Allen on visiting the Sternberg Clarke office. Thankfully not. Mere days from the end of our Magic Month and its climactic Magic Showcase, we’re still as fascinated by things disappearing, reappearing, teleporting, floating, getting ripped in half and put back together again. But even if the shine’s come off some of the more popular tricks in a magician's repertoire, it’s still intriguing to see how different magicians approach the same task – that task being entertaining guests at corporate events and weddings.

 You only have to look at our two most recent magician visits to see how different these approaches can be. Take the aforementioned Jon Allen; having worked as a magician at corporate and private events since 1988, Jon’s as accomplished as they come with a list of awards and testimonials as long as his arm (something something... ‘up his sleeve’ joke and move on). Jon offers everything from the traditional close-up, table magic and stage shows to the slightly more intriguing ‘Mystery Room’ set-up, in which he invites small groups of guests to a private show in a separate room. Perfect for venues with lots of different spaces or rooms.

Jon popped in to perform for the Sternberg Clarke team and delighted us with quick witted patter and some genuinely impressive tricks utilizing some interesting props. Jon’s big finale involved presenting us with the above picture frame which may or may not contain a card with all of our names on. Is it better to know? Is it better to preserve the magic? Or is it better to leave the picture frame on Hayley’s desk to torment her for all time? It’s the last one.

Take a look at Jon’s performance on Penn and Teller: Fool Us (a godsend for magician footage if you’re an entertainment agency... like we are)

 Taking an altogether different approach was mind reading magician Harrison Richards who, armed with nothing but his wits, a roll of duct tape and a few coins and cards won the team over with his lackadaisical charm and melodious Yorkshire drawl. Harrison chose to forgo the traditional blindfold, instead opting for the less popular ‘duct-tape coins over my eyes and then blindfold me, please’ method of ocular coverage for a trick in which he guessed the pictures drawn by the team with alarming accuracy.

 Harrison’s act comprises a mix of close-up and stage magic that veers towards the psychological side of the magic spectrum but it’s the little touches that make him so entertaining. Merely watching him set up a trick is a pleasure; his gentle and unassuming performance style makes just picking an audience member entertaining in itself... and that’s before he does any magic (but a barrage of quick close-up tricks let us know he’s no slouch in that area either). Harrison’s informal stage banter and off the cuff jokes made him utterly pleasurable company for an afternoon in the downstairs office.

 So with just those two acts there’s a world of difference in everything from look, style and repertoire that just goes to show the kind of variety on offer with corporate event magicians. If you’re interested in booking either Jon or Harrison for upcoming corporate events, head over to our contact page and get in touch.