Magic Month: Magic Numbers

October 02, 2012

You know how it is with corporate events, everyone’s networking; either talking shop or making small talk – a magician walks by... a magician! There’s a talking point! All you need now is a handy list of facts about magic, if only there was one to hand...

Hot on the heels of our Magic Facts post, we thought we’d follow up with a few more facts and figures with much less of the ‘between fact waffle’ of which I’m so fond. In fact, let’s keep things strictly numerical – the kind of list type feature you can furtively bring up on your phone at an event and quote facts from and make everyone think you know loads about magic... when in fact you don’t.

300 – Most rabbits pulled out of a hat by Italian magicians Walter Rolfo and Piero Ustignan

1760 The Number of handcuffs that stuntman Nick Janson has escaped from

52,000 – The number of people who – with the guidance of Portuguese magician Luis de Matos – learned to make a silk handkerchief disappear at Estádio do Dragão football stadium

1200 – Number of Episodes of  Television’s Longest running Magic Show ‘Magicland’ fronted by Dick "Mr Magic" Williams between January 1966 and January 1989

1555 – The Year in which John Dee was imprisoned for ‘Calculating’, having cast the horoscopes of Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth.

5500 – Size (in gallons) of the tank that Houdini used to perform his ‘Overboard Box Escape’ trick on stage.

4 – Number of Troublesome Heads that George Melies had in his 1898 film Four Troublesome Heads which you can see belo...

3.3 ounces – The weight of a standard deck of ‘poker size’ playing cards

£16,000 – The cost of the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly, one of London’s most famous magic venues which was later demolished to make way for some depressingly un-magic flats.

80,000 - Number of bees produced by Penn and Teller in their 1080 TV Special ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ The most live animals ever produced in a single show.

$70 Million – The highest annual earnings of a magician, David Copperfield, as reported in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2002.

255 – number of tricks performed by Eldon D. Wigton in 2 minutes to earn him the title of World’s Fastest Magician

12 – The number of records held by Magician ‘Matt The Knife’ – more than any other magician

2000 – Number of fake tanks created by Jasper Maskelyne and his ‘Magic Gang’ to fool German troops in WWII

65.96 m – Longest Throw of a Playing Card by Rick Smith Jr.

8,520 - Joker cards in the largest joker playing card collection owned by

And here's one last magic number 020 8877 1102 which is the number you should call if you need to book a magician for a corporate event. It's our number. What I was trying to be was clever.

Keep an eye on the blog throughout magic month for more... magic.