Magic Month: How Fictional Magicians Stack up in the Events Industry

October 09, 2012

All through Magic Month, we’re kicking up a big fuss over our favourite magicians and magical acts. But why should real life people get all the attention? What about the hard working magicians and magicentresses who exist only on celluloid or in the pages of books? You may have spotted that we did a similar thing with fictional bands during band month, but don’t let the recycling of ideas put you off. We’ve thought about this, I promise. Also, we’re scoring them this time... So without further ado, we present our favourite Fictional Magicians (and Wizards) and discuss how they’d fare in the Event Industry.


Working in the events industry often involves a certain degree of shapeshifting and no one is better suited than the wizard to end all wizards ‘Merlin’ who has appeared in everything from legends to books to poetry to TV shows to cartoons.  Merlin’s penchant for shapeshifting has seen him take the form of different animals but also men of different vocations. Sort of like a proto ‘Singing Waiters’... but with Magic. Loses points for being enchanted by the Lady of the Lake and teaching her all his secrets – a Sternberg Clarke magician should never be distracted from his true purpose and that’s to say nothing of how the Magic Circle would react to sharing magic secrets. 

Score - 6/10

A Magician Named G.O.B.

Magic has a big role to play in cult US sit-com Arrested Development thanks to the Bluth family’s endlessly quotable eldest son and so-called-professional-magician George Oscar Bluth or ‘GOB’. (And to some extent Ben Stiller’s ‘Tony Wonder’) Whether he’s making a yacht ‘disappear’, appearing in the latest ‘POOF!’, showering his queen in club sauce or trying to return a dead dove to a pet shop, GOBs magic ineptitude and sleazy stage demeanour made him an immediate fan favourite on the show, but he’s not exactly events material. He finds most work on ‘Spring Break’ amongst drunken teens and ‘Girls with Low Self Esteem’... use as a last resort. 

Score – 1/10

 Harry Potter

Surely the most recognisable practitioner of the magic arts in the world, the bespectacled wand waver has everything to make him a success at corporate events from the tricks to the all important ‘look’ (the scarf, the glasses, the scar) as well as a wealth of promotional material to pass on to clients – 7 books and 8 films should give even the pickiest client enough to make a decision on.  The only thing that can count against the boy wizard is his relative youth - some clients may prefer a more distinguished figure for their strolling magician.

Score – 8/10

Jonathan Creek

Mumbling, shuffling, shaggy haired Creek made his name in the BBC show of the same name, solving crimes with using his vast knowledge of tricks and deception accrued from years of serving as a magician’s assistant. While his ingenuity and skill is without question, Creek loses points for stage presence and appearance. A magician needs to be able to interact with guests in a natural and comfortable way so while the bumbling boy next door schtick might cut it for prime-time BBC dramedies, it’s not going to be enough at a corporate event or a wedding.

Score - 5/10

The Wizard of Oz

With an imminent ‘handsomising’ on the horizon thanks to upcoming James Franco vehicle ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ as well as the continued success of West End Musical ‘Wicked’, the Wizard of Oz’s stock has rarely been higher. Also, interestingly his middle name is Zoroaster, taken from the Prophet Zoroaster the founder of Zoroastrianism from which the word magic originated (which you'll know if you read our magic facts blog). But while the devotion shown towards him by the inhabitants of Emerald City proves his enduring popularity, the difficulty that clients (Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion Scarecrow, Small Dog) have getting hold of him means he’s an unreliable choice for corporate events.

Score – 3/10

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