Magic Month: Dan Farrant and a Little Bit of iPad Magic

October 05, 2012

We first met Dan Farrant when he came into the office a couple of years ago to meet the team. We were utterly blown away by his tricks and he was the first magician to make Hayley run upstairs crying. Things were different then, Dan was a single man, there wasn’t a big logo board in the downstairs audition space and I had less distinguished grey hairs around my temples. How things change; Dan’s married now, there’s a big logo board in the downstairs audition space and I have more distinguished grey hairs around my temples.

Dan gives Alice and Freya 'The Facts of Life' with the help of a couple of rabbitsWhat with a handful of new staff members joining the team in September, we didn’t want to deprive them the opportunity of meeting one of our top magicians, and we didn’t want to deprive ourselves the sight of them freaking out over that glass block thing he does, so we invited him in again to say “Hi”. Fortunately Dan was enough of a gentleman to come in and perform a few choice tricks for both ‘newbs’ and ‘oldbs’.  With a repertoire that ranges from classic card tricks to more prop based fare, Dan’s been in highly demand at corporate events and weddings since joining forces two years ago.

Dan isn't performing a trick here - he and the team are merely looking at a sweet £20 noteMr Farrant was also helpful enough to help us shoot a quick video in which he performs a card trick with an iPad and a beautiful hairy-handed assistant. We’re often asked for ways to incorporate technology into an event’s entertainment and Dan, like many of our magicians, is always willing to bounce around a few ideas for tricks.

Take a look at the video below, and get a load of that assistant... man oh man.

For more information on booking Dan for corporate events, weddings and private function – head over to our contact page and get in touch.