Magic Month: Piff the Magic Dragon, Oliver Meech and Neb

October 15, 2012

We’re already half way through Magic Month here at Sternberg Clarke and even in that short time, the audition room has been filled with procreating foam bunnies (thank you Dan), the floor carpeted by crumpled playing cards and our cutlery drawer jammed full of bent forks and spoons (which makes lunch time quite the challenge). In our hunt for the UK’s best magicians and magic acts for corporate events, we’ve seen a host of acts old and new who’ve consistently baffled us with their ingenuity and charmed us with their respective stage presences.  

Piff and Mr Piffles in the Sternberg Clarke OfficesBut none quite made us laugh as much as a certain magical Chiwawa in dragon suit named Mr Piffles, accompanied by a larger dragon (also magic) named Piff. Having shot to fame after an hilarious performance on ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us  Piff the Magic Dragon has been one of the most talked about magicians in the Event Industry (and elsewhere) but his legend extends beyond the screen with appearances in La Soiree, a warmly received Edinburgh show and national tour. Piff had us laughing until our jaws ached with his expertly judged dead-pan antics, accidentally hiccupping flames and producing objects from strange places (including a bunch of flowers for Birthday Girl Laura... and  a balloon dog) we were sad to see Piff on his merry way before he had chance to show off Mr Piffles’ talent for floating in mid-air. Always leave them wanting more.

Science Magic from Oliver Offering a distinct change of pace from Piff’s laconic brand of trickery was lab coated mad-magic-scientist Oliver Meech. You see, Oliver isn’t just a magician; he’s a TIME-TRAVELLING magician who’d fortunately set the flux capacitor (and/or Tardis if you’d prefer, I prefer Flux Capacitor) for October 2012, just in time for Magic Month. Oliver’s singular talent for making things explode or burst into flame made for a performance that was part magic show, part deranged science lesson.

(Don't tell Duncan we had fire downstairs)Oliver put his time studying Experimental Psychology at Oxford (no seriously) to good use with a display of cunning tricks and stunts that really set him apart from the magic crowd. We can see him going down a storm at a venue like The Science Museum naturally, but also at any event that celebrates technology... like the technology to travel through time. How’s that going? Anything yet?

Neb has clearly put something in that fist... but what? Neb’s a familiar face around the Sternberg Clarke offices, but with a few new recruits added to the team, he was kind enough to take time off from his usual schedule of singer/guitarist/magician bookings to come in and say hello. Neb’s bouncy, chummy performance style disguises some serious magic chops and he blew us away, once again, with a series of mentalist tricks. You’d think by this far into Magic Month we’d be wise to the ways of these card shuffling thought stealers, but no. Not a one. At least some of the credit goes to Neb and his continued ability to shock and amaze. Nowhere was this more evident than with his big finish in which he guessed the songs we were thinking and then played them on the guitar. That’s just showing off.

Neb takes to the keys for his big finishWe've got a few videos form the auditions that should be up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out on the blog. 

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