Magic Month: Audition Roundup - Magic and Tarot Card Readings

October 03, 2012


As London’s leading supplier of entertainment for corporate events and weddings, we’re always on the lookout for the best new performers to add to our bulging act directory. That’s why we hold regular auditions for new acts in our downstairs prop cupboard/‘audition hub’ – perhaps you’ve read one of our previous audition posts? Perhaps not. Point is, since October is Magic Month, we’re not going to be taking our eye off the audition ball (lest someone hide it under one of a trio of cups) and we’ll be welcoming new magic acts into the office as well as checking in with some of our favourite magicians and mind readers. 

Hayley labeled Lee "a cursed morlock" and ran screaming into the street seconds after this was takenKicking off our Magic Month auditions, we’ve got a couple of acts who shocked and amazed the team and, importantly; made Hayley make that high pitch gasping noise that if you don’t know her sounds like it might be the sound of her dying but isn’t.

Magician Lee Hathaway might be familiar from his triumphant appearance on ITV’s brilliant Penn & Teller: Fool Us where his blood splattered stage show managed to stump the illustrious illusioneers. Lee’s devious trick had everything, from back mounted trap doors to a climax straight out of a horror movie but it was his close-up magic that impressed when he came into the office to meet the team. Towering over even the loftiest ‘Sternberger’, Lee performed a series of ingenious tricks that we could happily have watched until home time... emails be damned*. Displaying a surprising degree of dexterity considering his MASSIVE HANDS, Mr Hathaway’s easy charm and confidence made him an ideal choice for a strolling magician at a corporate event and we’re looking forward to working for some upcoming gigs.

"You will go and get everyone a coffee in the morning, maybe a croissant..." While it’s not what jumps to mind when you’re putting together ‘Magic Month’, Tarot Card reading does reside at the spookier end of the magic spectrum and fortune teller Eloh made gave a reading that was as bafflingly accurate as Lee’s card guessing gastro-intestinal tract. Using two decks of custom made Tarot cards, Eloh read the fortune of Sternberg Clarke newcomer Freya, but somehow neglected to mention the obvious “in time you will come to love puns and tortured word play”... which she will. And so will the other three.  We can see Eloh’s act working brilliantly as a playful alternative to the usual strolling magician and if you’re planning a James Bond themed corporate event, she’s even got a ‘Solitaire’ style feathery head-piece. Maybe keep her away from that Roger Moore look-alike. That guy is only after one thing

If you’re interested in booking a magician or a fortune teller for an upcoming event, head on over to our contact page and get in touch. And for all the latest magic month posts – keep an eye on the blog throughout October.

*Emails never ‘be damned’ at Sternberg Clarke. It’s important that you know that when you send an email to us.