Magic Month: 3 Tricks You Can Try Right Now

October 26, 2012

This Magic business looks like a great deal of fun doesn’t it? Well so far it has been. But with all the magicians coming in to the office performing for the team and with our Magic Showcase at the end of the month, it’s starting to seem like we’re hogging all the magic for ourselves. Which we’re not. And to prove it we’ve put together a list of 3 Tricks You Can Try Right Now, be that in your office or at home or on the bus or whilst driving or operating machinery.  

The King Levitation  

The King method of levitation was devised by Corey King. If performed correctly it’ll appear that you’re hovering a few inches off the floor. You’ll need a coat and ideally you’ll need to be wearing slip on shoes.

Face your audience side-on and cover your feet and legs with a coat.

While your legs are obscured, remove the shoe furthest from your audience,

Turn the shoeless foot at 90 degrees so that the heel of the shoeless foot presses the empty shoe against the other foot.

Reveal your about-to-levitate feet.

Now rise up on the tiptoes of the shoe-less foot.

 Anyone stood to your side shouldn’t be able to see the standing leg, obscured as it now is by the two shoes.  It helps to make a spooky levitating noise. Or you could watch an apparently teenage boy explain it above. No one said they’d all be good.

Twisting Arm Trick

For this one we have a video – watch Oliver talk you through a trick you can do with nothing but your own hands. C’mon, give it a try. But not too hard. We will not be held responsible if you try too hard.


Perhaps you’ve spotted the number trick on the Magic page of our website. Did you like that? Good, well here’s another. You’ll need a pen and paper.

Think of a 3 digit number (with at least 1 different digit) ... Got one? Good, don’t write it down.

Write the digits down in order from greatest to smallest

Now write them down again from smallest to greatest

Subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

Write down the number that you get as a three digit number (e.g. 001 or 029)

Reverse  the order of that number (e.g. if you had 123, make it 321)

Add those last two together and you should have the number at the bottom of this blog.

(Did that work?)

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 By Garreth Owen