Louis C.K. Live at Wembley Arena, London - Review

August 15, 2016

The popular American comic is in the midst of his European tour. We headed along to one of his London shows in order to hear his thoughts on a variety of topics that probably won’t be easy to surmise on a company’s event entertainment blog. But hey, we can at least give it a go, right?

Louis C.K is a funny man. There’s no denying his talent in taking a look at a global topic, spinning it on its head and making everything about it absolutely hilarious. In London he sets the tone of his hour and a half with a sideways take on the nature of suicide and how it will quite literally solve any and all of your problems. It will undoubtedly cause many for other people, but that’d be it for you. This is the sort of comedy that Louis C.K is known for; slightly controversial but not enough to make you leave in disgust. There’s certainly a fine line and there’s no denying that he crosses it for some, but by and large he stays just the right side of causing any offence, which is commendable considering the topics involved.

From his initial thoughts on taking your own life, C.K. goes on to talk about those who protest at abortion clinics, which seems like material that is better suited to American audiences; we don’t have many protestors in the UK (from what we’ve seen). From here, we delve onwards through the quagmire of the comedian’s own personality – his contempt for love and the impact his divorce has had on him is clear for all to hear and though it’s funny, at times you can’t help wondering if the poor guy should get some kind of help. Although much of what he says is presumably an act, you can’t deny there has to be some element of truth to the proceedings.

As is customary at a Louis C.K gig, his two daughters get a mention and these are the moments where he is funniest and at his most down to earth, brilliantly using the story of Achilles as an example of parents never being able to do enough and joking about one of his children mishearing the phrase ‘9/11 deniers’.

Towards the end of the show, he ponders the fact that he might be ever so slightly gay after watching the trailer for Magic Mike one too many times, falling for the dulcet tones of Matthew McConaughey and the body of Channing Tatum. The laughs are strong too for his thoughts on an afterlife and the dread of having to keep a relationship going for eternity. It’s all funny stuff and hopelessly pessimistic, which has been where C.K has got most of his laughs throughout his career.

It’s an extremely strong set of comedy to watch - a masterclass at times with his command of the stage being unparalleled. Despite the cynicism throughout the evening (this is not the comedian you'd want to hire for your corporate event), there is at least a glimmer of hope and optimism in the final words of the evening - if you’ve had a bad day in the past week and enjoyed the night’s comedy then maybe there is something to live for after all.



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By Henry Fosdike