The Loudest Entertainment Acts for your Event

August 05, 2019

Afishal - LED Percussionist

If you are looking to host a party with a bit of a festival atmosphere, you might be thinking that you would like to book a loud entertainment act for your event. No, the loudest! Just who are the loudest entertainment acts that you can book on the corporate and private events circuit?

Box 9

 Who doesn’t love a drumline? Box 9 are the UK’s first professional drumline, taking up the mantle from the numerous percussionists in the US. Able to perform with their usual drums, with LED drums, in costume or with cheerleaders, Box 9 are loud and proud and we have seen them absolutely astonish gathered guests at the Natural History Museum (as you can see in the photo above). So, so good!

Weapons of Sound

 If you want to bring the spirit of Stomp! to your event then you need look no further than Weapons of Sound. In a similar style to the classic West End show, Weapons of Choice are ‘junk percussionists’ who play all sorts of ‘instruments’ ranging from shopping trolleys to gas pipes and even the kitchen sink! Having performed around the world at massive events including the Champion’s League Final and The Queen’s Jubilee Party at Buckingham Palace, you just know that they are guaranteed to impress.


 Spark! are a drumming troupe unlike anything else you have ever seen before. A huge draw at events wherever they go, their unique costumes, makeup and LED styling is a photographer’s dream and it’s no surprise that they have graced the cover of the Sternberg Clarke acts brochure on a couple of occasions! A drumming sensation, they are as loud as it’s possible to get. Honestly at this point, we are wondering why we didn’t just name this blog all about drumming acts.


Here’s why we didn’t label this blog ‘drumming acts’. Yes, opera is honestly one of the loudest forms of entertainment going. If you have ever seen live opera then you will know that the notes singers can hit is unlike anything else out there. It’s no secret that an opera singer’s voice can – if sang at the right pitch – smash a wine glass, so one has to accept that opera singers can get very loud indeed. A beautiful option for any event, why not book two singers to truly wow guests?


 Imagine the full force of a function band. Now imagine all of those sounds provided by just one man and you have Ultimatum, a project from noted musician Ben Scott. Using loop pedals and other technical trickery, Ben can perform a host of classic pop songs live and puts them together right in front of your eyes, playing each and every part! A performance that deserves a big venue with an exceptional sound system, Ultimatum is awesome in every way.

Military Marching Band

 We often book fanfare trumpeters to provide a military marching band at events across London and guests always appreciate the magisterial nature of such a performance. We once amassed pretty much every single fanfare trumpeter from across the capital for an event at Blenheim Palace for Dior and having heard it with our own eyes, we can attest that this creation was one of the loudest we have ever experienced. Highly recommended if you are looking for something traditional that everybody can enjoy.


 Another ‘lone wolf’, Afishal is a percussionist who performs on state-of-the-art drums fitted with powerful, custom-fitted LED lights that flash and strobe along to a backing track or live DJ. The energy he brings to the stage, his mesmerising speed, flawless technique and endless stamina make his performance second to none. Afishal and his drums will live long in the memory.


 If you want to keep it simple with your act, then finally we wanted to advise you to simply book a DJ, which can be as loud or as quiet as you like! Turning the volume up to 11 as you dance to all of your favourite tunes from the 60s to the present day, sing along with all of your friends and ensure an amazing party for all. It doesn’t get much more simple than booking a DJ but if it’s a loud party atmosphere that you are looking for, then you cannot go far wrong!

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By Henry Fosdike