London Themed Entertainment for an Event

June 11, 2019

Poet for Hire

London has been the capital city of England since the 9th century and its fabulous buildings, cultural iconography and yes, terribly grey weather are synonymous with the city. Books, films and television have all utilised the capital as a character in stories and you can pay homage with London themed entertainment at your event. Here are a few ideas.

Meet-and-Greet Actors

How better to celebrate than London than by booking a variety of meet-and-greet actors from throughout the capital’s famous history? Able to go from medieval to the Tudors and the Victorians right through to the sixties and modern day, we can guarantee that they will be a delight for guests to interact with as they arrive at your venue. They are sure to raise a smile!

Goodwin's Gatsby

 Goodwin's Gatsby is a London-based soul and jazz band that are adept at performing the great and the good from the 1920s and beyond. Able to play all of the hits that you might expect at a party with Jay Gatsby through to sixties pop and contemporary songs in their own unique style, Goodwin’s Gatsby are the band to take you on a journey through almost a century of music in one fell swoop.

West End Musical Performance

 To add to the vintage idea of London, there is nothing finer than a musical performance that pays homage to the likes of Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and My Fair Lady. Our talented performers are able to perform a medley of hits and can even include hugely popular songs that guests would certainly associate with London! Guaranteed to impress.

Food Trikes

 Food trikes offer an exceptional vintage feel and can offer almost any food or drink for an event. Whether looking to celebrate London’s famous ale or perhaps offer pies or ice cream, the food trikes are able to deliver for hundreds of guests. Able to daubed in almost any design, the trikes have been used at venues including 10 Downing Street where they were enjoyed by the PM! Able to add a classic feel to any London era.

Poet for Hire

 Poet for Hire is a fabulously quaint act that allows guests to interact with the performers and receive a free poem upon request. After a short wait, the poets will type away at their typewriters and reveal their short piece of poetry that guests can then take away with them. Paying homage to the quirkier side of London life, Poet for Hire is sure to entertain!


 Acrochaps style themselves as classic circus strongmen, able to perform outlandish and impressive feats of strength whilst strolling throughout your event. Never breaking character, the trio are able to wear any style of costume required including vintage Bowler hat-wearing office workers, sixties dancers or ‘fashionable’ eighties shell suit owners. A whole heap of fun no matter the era.


 If you walk down any one of London’s streets or take a ride on the London Underground, you are almost certain to come across a friendly busker plying their trade; playing familiar tunes to passers by and always with a smile. Our most popular busking act is a singer-guitarist who plays pop songs alongside popular movie themes. They are sure to raise a smile as guests meander about the venue. Buskers are extremely adept at creating the perfect ambience and can perform either acoustically or with amplification.

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By Henry Fosdike