Living Topiary & Twisted Tubes @ Henley Royal Regatta

July 22, 2019

Earlier this month we were delighted to be able to provide Living Topiary and Twisted Tunes to the Henley Royal Regatta as part of their annual celebrations. Top entertainment that all ages can enjoy, they certainly proved a hit with the crowds as these photos show.

Living Topiary are perhaps one of the UK’s most popular interactive acts having appeared at numerous high profile events over the years. They have entertained vast swathes of people at the cricket and tennis this year, often appearing in the BBC’s live news feed! It’s not hard to see why because this loveable duo are always happy to have their photo taken and to pose with anybody who leans in for a hug, a high-five or simply greets them with a wave.

   Perhaps best-suited to outdoor events in the sunshine, Living Topiary were a huge hit at the Henley Royal Regatta with guests posing left, right and centre. We particularly love the fact that some guests even decided to provide them with accessories in the form of a hat each. A hilarious snap that we will certainly be enjoying for years to come!

What is a Royal Regatta without some music? We tapped one of Manchester’s finest bands to come down for this exclusive event. Twisted Tubes provide all the classic pop songs in their unique style; when was the last time you heard a chart topper performed with brass instruments and a walking drum set?! Exactly. A roaming band that just love to entertain, they provided the hits  all afternoon and were supremely popular with a few impromptu dance sessions popping up around them.

  Henley Royal Regatta was a fabulous event this year thanks to the dedicated hard work of all those working the event but also due to the weather and of course, the entertainment! Massive thanks must go to Living Topiary and Twisted Tunes for providing the perfect summer fun that everybody could enjoy.

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By Henry Fosdike