Live Poetry Acts to Hire for your Event on National Poetry Day

October 06, 2016

Looking to celebrate National Poetry Day in style by hiring a poet for an event? Then you have come to the right place because we have a couple of unique acts that use the spoken word as their tool and deliver poetry in two totally different ways. If you’re unsure exactly what hiring a poet may entail, then this blog should certainly help you understand exactly what you’re getting.


 A unique, memorable and personal idea for your event or party is to hire BEspoken, an act from young poet Alex, which is sure to impress and amaze guests at the culmination of your celebratory evening. Be it a corporate event, private party, birthday or even a wedding, Bespoken ensures a wonderful memento long after everybody has gone home.

Written on the night by Alex, he spends time getting to know your guests and receives input from them on what exactly should be included in the finished product. Depending on the subject of the poem – a company’s history, a person’s life – the way that it is performed will vary every time. This means that much-loved anecdotes might make it in to the final piece, ensuring that the poem will work with everybody in the room!

Once all the information has been gathered for the poem, Alex retreats to a separate area where he can carefully work out each and every stanza for your delectation. It really is a bespoke treat that will no doubt be talked about by many the next day. Performed with wit and humour, the poem can later be printed and framed as a keepsake to remember the evening. It really as an act to learn more about on National Poetry Day.

Judge the Poet

It’s fair to say that Judge the Poet is an act you’ll be surprised you don’t know about as he has performed poetry for many of the world’s most famous people including Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and many, many more. In addition to this, his exceptional ability has allowed him to perform across the world as a self-titled ‘Ambassador for Poetry’.

The idea is certainly unique; as a spontaneous poet for hire, Judge will wander your venue and take suggestions on words to include in a short performance, just for you. They don’t have to be words either; concepts and ideas are also valid! Incredibly, he then immediately launches into a poem, reciting a rhyming, enjoyable and understandable poem that links together everything that has just been said!

Depending on the wishes of the audience, the poem can be funny or serious and will capture the mood of the occasion. It is a remarkable experience and one that you will remember and talk about forever. Enjoyed by young and old, this is a wonderful act to hire for National Poetry Day and rest assured he’ll even impress “people who don’t like poems.”

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By Henry Fosdike