Lights, Camera, Entertainment! - Top LED Infused Acts

September 08, 2016

Bam Bam Glow Band

Let’s be honest, when you hire entertainment for an event, you want the act to be visual, something which nobody has ever seen before and which nobody will forget in a hurry. And if it looks great in photos? Well, that’s a plus too. Bearing all that in mind, it’s no wonder than people love acts with a lot of lights and LEDs. Unfortunately in order to find all the coolest LED acts, you have to scour through our site across multiple genres. There’s never been a place that lists them all in one go… Until now.


 Under the banner of ‘circus’ comes the majority of our LED acts, with the Glow Show’s hypnotic juggling skills across an immaculately choreographed 10-minute show more than enough to recommend them. Kaleidoscope and Digi-Poi are of a similar ilk, whilst the Superhoopers and LED Hula Show will also wow you, this time with hoops rather than LED batons. Incidentally, with these acts, all of the LEDs can be pre-programmed to show a company logo. Wow! Lovestruck is more of a stand than an entertainment act (but looks fantastic all the same), whilst if it’s acrobatics you’re after then Zero Central and Helioom are the ones to look out for – though do bear in mind that they’re a lot more expensive than other acts mentioned here. Finally, in the ‘cooler than cool’ category, we strongly urge you to check out the LED Roue Cyr, which is absolutely mesmerising.


 Speaking of ‘cooler than cool’, Zoom are a brand new entertainment act that actually debuted on The Gadget Show this year! Not only do they utilise LEDs that can be branded but perform on hoverboards! Marty McFly eat your heart out! Less dynamic but perhaps more graceful for an older crowd, the Light Walkers are a stunning and serene lights act, which utilises a rainbow of colour to great effect. Feeling peckish? Why not head to the LED Canapé Girls.


 Everybody dance now! You’ll certainly be wanting to after first looking at the Light Dancers, who are another LED act that provide an elegant atmosphere to any party. A lot less elegant though are Nee-On, who are like a cross between Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity and cult 1980s film, TRON. You may also want to seek out Supernova, who provide a spectacular choreographed five-to-ten minute performance.


 LEDs aren’t really seen that much in our musical acts to hire but they do appear occasionally! The Bam Bam Glow Band are perhaps the best example of this, with each member of the band wearing vibrant costumes, with LED strips carefully placed across their instruments. Likewise, Spark! are probably the best looking band around. If you’re not looking for a band, then Afishal is probably the percussionist to hire; his solo set-up is incredible to witness and will have everybody nodding heads in unison as you all think the same thing – “Cool.”


 Finally we come to Christmas and if we’re being honest, there aren’t too many LED acts that fall into the festive realm. The only one that features on our website currently is the rather wonderful Wonderland, where party guests will be able to witness sprigs of holly, snowmen and even Christmas wishes!

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By Henry Fosdike