Light Up Your Life - Wedding Wednesday

November 02, 2016

With the clocks turning back at the weekend, we were all gifted an extra hour in bed! Wonderful. Unfortunately, this means that for anybody celebrating a wedding in November, December or January, their celebrations may feel an awful lot darker from about 4pm onwards, dampening the celebrations somewhat. Have. No. Fear. We bring light where there is darkness with these wonderful light acts to hire!

Fire Tuba

 If you’re looking to hire a novelty act for your wedding day then look no further than the Fire Tuba, a hilarious and outrageous act that combines superb music playing with an incredible amount of skill. Entertaining guests as they arrive at your wedding venue or perhaps as friends and family head to the wedding breakfast, the Fire Tuba is an act that everybody will remember for years to come and looks superb in photos. A must have!

Light Dancers

 Is there anything more beautiful as the sun sets than a cluster of Light Dancers entertaining the room at your wedding? Well, perhaps the newlyweds themselves but you can’t buy that kind of beauty. When it comes to hiring entertainment for a special occasion, the Light Dancers are a stunning and elegant addition to any party and will be perfect for any winter wedding night.

Halo Glow Show

 Picture the scene! You’ve finished the speeches, everybody is enjoying the occasion and another few bottles have wine have been opened. Is this the best time for some more entertainment? You betcha! With the sun having already set outside, it’s time for the house lights to be dimmed inside as well ready for the incredible Halo Glow Show, an incredible LED performance that will wow everybody in the room. Just stunning.

Box 9 Lightline

This one is hot off the press - the sensational Box 9 Drumline have created a brand new act by the name of Box 9 Lightline!  They were astonishingly good at our Natural History Museum steampunk event earlier in the year and now they have added LEDs to their drums to create an act that is sure to impress on your wedding day. Even the beaters (is that the official word?) have a multitude of LEDs across them! This really is well worth checking out.

Bam Bam Glow Band

 Another jaw-dropping act to entertain you and your guests on your wedding day is Bam Bam Glow Band. This is definitely more of a climactic act than any other with lasers and all sorts of amazing technological flourishes creating a smorgasbord of awesome that has to be seen to be believed. The photos really do not do this one justice with the music being just as good as you would expect.


 Without a doubt our most popular LED act, the wonderful Spark! LED Drummers could be just the act that you’re looking for to make your wedding as unforgettable for your guests as it will be for you. The bride and groom can happily relax as Spark! do their thing in the most imaginative costumes around. Covered from head to toe in LEDs, these musicians have wowed audiences all across the globe and it’s a pleasure to be able to offer them for hire on your wedding day.

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By Henry Fosdike