Laura Wright, Velma Celli & More @ The Crazy Coqs

June 19, 2019

Laura Wright, Velma Celli, Judge the Poet, Trinity and David Armand were the acts on display at the second major Sternberg Clarke showcase of the year last night! After our first spectacular Live at Zedel in March, we decided to return to The Crazy Coqs to put on a sensational hour-long show that all who were lucky enough to see it very much enjoyed. Photos by Toby Merritt.

  String trio Trinity were the first act on stage, delighting guests as they arrived with their classical arrangements of a variety of pop hits including songs from the likes of The Verve and Sia. This all-female lineup were perfectly suited to the evening, providing the perfect ambience and ensuring that everybody was ready for yet more spellbinding performances to follow.

   Velma Celli was more than happy to kick off the show by welcoming everybody to such a gorgeous venue. Our host for the evening, Velma is a legendary drag artist that has performed at some of the finest venues around the world and is often billed as the ‘Queen of Live Vocal Drag’. This is a moniker that we can certainly agree with as Velma showed off an incredible range throughout the evening. What a voice and what a performer. The Sternberg Clarke showcase was off to a hugely entertaining start and we so enjoyed Velma’s star presenting turn throughout.

  Judge the Poet was next up to deliver his impressive slice of cabaret. Able to perform both a strolling performance (not suitable for The Crazy Coqs due to space restrictions) and a stage routine, Judge absolutely flawed the room with his amazing ability to perform a poem on command. Guests threw out suggestions of words for him to use and Judge expertly crafted three poems on the spot that used every single one – and yes it made sense, which deserves yet more adulation considering the words put forward included ‘orange, ‘purple’ and ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

      Velma Celli then returned to the stage and did a sensational turn showcasing various divas and how they sing! Britney, Cher, they were all here as we were treated to a multitude of different vocal styles. Definitely the Queen of Live vocal Drag and a cracking presenter to boot. Could Velma be more talented?

      Next up was David Armand, a comedian who does a spectacular turn in interpretive dance as his alter-ego Johann Lippowitz. Essentially a song plays and David acts out the lyrics as if sign language doesn’t exist and we are down to the rudimentary bare bones of how to mime each and every word. It is hugely funny and the crowd were in fits of laughter as David treated us to Gabrielle’s Dreams and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now in hilarious style.

       With such a whirlwind of entertainment it was quite surprising that so much time had passed and it was now time for Laura Wright to take to the stage. A tremendously talented soprano she is a massive star act and we were so lucky to have her at our showcase! Her setlist wasn’t only opera though as she gave us crowd pleasers by the likes of Dolly Parton and Lady Gaga before bringing the evening to an astonishing conclusion with Nessun Dorma. Wow!


        It was a superb night at The Crazy Coqs and once again we must thank everybody at the Zedel as well as the acts for putting on another remarkable showcase. We will definitely be talking about this one for a long time to come!

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By Henry Fosdike