Latin Music Ideas

April 25, 2019

Bam Bam Drum Band

We all love a bit of Cuban music. Though you might not know it, many of your favourite songs are probably inspired by Cuba or Latin music. It’s a very vibrant style of music that will almost certainly get you on your feet and wanting to dance. When we hire a band, it’s often to ensure that people have a good time and dancing is a huge part of that. So let’s see what Latin music we can find to grab you this summer!

Katy & the Mamboleros

A versatile 4 piece consisting of vocals, double bass, piano/sax and drums, this is a bad whose sound is born out of the musical styles and cultural roots of the individual members to create a fusion of 50s mambo and 60s bossa-nova to name but a few. Lead singer Katy is classically trained and delivers remarkably original songs that echo the traditions of her native Chile. Katy & the Mamboleros are a must see retro Latin ensemble!

Salsa Royal

What do you get if you throw together an exciting band made up of highly experienced Cuban musicians? The answer is undoubtedly Salsa Royal whose very name tells you a little of the music they can be hired to play. From salsa to tiba and Latin jazz to the cha cha cha, you’ll be on your feet in no time. Vocalist Tony originally hails from Cuba and its this Cuban feeling that has undoubtedly seeped into the authentic Salsa Royal experience.

Bam Bam Drum Band

Let’s be honest, if you were to hire a band for a wedding or party and you went on name alone, Bam Bam Drum Band would be at the front of the queue due to their no nonsense approach to outlining exactly what it is you are booking and the sounds that those instruments will make. A steel pan group made up of one to five performers depending on your requirements, their repertoire covers a vast array of genres including reggae, soul and calypso.

Son Yambu

The essential Afro-Cuban sounds that originated in the streets of eastern Cuba and gave rise to modern salsa are provided by the fab tunes of Son Yambu, who deliver an intoxicating blend of Spanish and African rhythms. If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, party or corporate event then this vibrant group fit the bill. Providing a flexible lineup that can be tailored to match the occasion, the band are available with up to 7 musicians in order to create a traditional Cuban septeto.

Mama No Sabe

Mama No Sabe - La Negra Tomasa

Mama No Sabe (meaning ‘Mum does not know’) are a unique Latin duo that bring together the vibes of Latin America, Spain and Italy utilising a combination of guitar and a number of different percussion instruments. Lead vocalist Nadir can play 4 of these instruments at the same time using a combination of his hands and feet whilst bassline and melody are played simultaneously on the guitar. A hugely surprising music act, Mama No Sabe deliver the sounds of a five piece band with just two people!

Grupo Bam Boom

Rivalling Bam Bam Drum Band in the ‘groups that are named after the sounds they make’ category, Grupo Bam Boom provide all your favourite summer tunes in a funky Brazilian samba style and are just perfect for a Latin-inspired event! Having played all over the world from Rio to Dubai, they aren’t just a band; Grupo Bam Boom can also provide exotic samba dancers to capture the spirit of South America!


A little bit different to the other bands mentioned here, Sararosa specialise in background music which is perfect for a dinner or soiree. Comprising cello and guitar with vocals thrown in for good measure, the duo play a combination of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba. With both members of the group being classically trained, Sararosa are also available to play classical tunes from the continent and have performed at many of London’s most exclusive venues. A superb sound.

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