Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

October 31, 2016

If you didn’t celebrate Halloween over the weekend or you’ve completely forgotten to hire a Halloween costume for your event, then you’re probably stuck pondering what you’re going to put on when you head out into the evening tonight. If you’re heading to a Halloween party and have no idea of what you should look like, then why not check out these last-minute Halloween makeup ideas? We’ve even linked to each individual blog that will tell you just how to do Halloween makeup!


 Extremely popular thanks to the success of The Walking Dead, you too can dress up as a member of the undead. All you really need is a bit of black eye-liner, lip gloss and some ripped clothes. Brilliantly straightforward! You can find out how to become a zombie on Halloween here.


 We put on an event last year at Sotheby’s where we had two aerial hoop artists performing above the heads of guests! You might not be able to impress with acrobatics but you too can make yourself look like a skeleton using this helpful tutorial, which actually allows you to look a little more colourful as they outline a look inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Pop Art(title image above)

Roy Lichtenstein became hugely famous with his incredible pop art paintings during the 1960s, which look as though they have stepped right out of a comic book. Although the finished look impresses, you might think it’s hard to do. Not so as this cool tutorial from Emma Pickles shows. If you’d prefer to say it is inspired by Andy Warhol or Jasper Johns, then that’s fine too.


 No ‘how to do Halloween makeup’ tutorial would be complete without a vampire! There are many routes that you can go down when wanting to look like an immortal bloodsucker, but we particularly love this tutorial, which hopefully makes your last minute plans not look quite so last minute! So grab some contact lenses and make yourself look terrifying!

American Horror Story

 Anyone else out there love American Horror Story? Since Stranger Things and Donald Trump are sure to be the chosen Halloween outfits for many this year, we think its cooler to go back a couple of years and nail something else form pop culture. With that in mind, here is how to do the American Horror Story White Nun for Halloween. Argh!

Comic Book

 This is probably the look that we think encapsulates just how brilliant leaving everything to the last minute can be. Despite not being all that difficult to do, becoming a black-and-white comic book character is hugely effective and thankfully doesn’t cost a fortune! This tutorial by Claire Dim shows you what you need to know to achieve this fab cell shading look.

If you’ve been inspired by our last minute Halloween makeup ideas, then let us know how you got on! If you’re still unsure and looking for a costume to hire, then check out a few of our outfits get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike