La La Land - Review

October 10, 2016

We don’t ordinarily do reviews of films on our blog as there doesn’t seem much point; there’s no event surrounding a film and ordinarily, they have absolutely nothing to do with the events industry. But what if they did? Or at least, what if they incorporate an awful lot of the entertainment that we hire out for parties? Well then… Then we feel that a review makes sense and that is the case with La La Land.

It’s hard to know where to begin with a review of La La Land, a film that many of you reading this won’t see until January at the earliest. We were lucky enough to attend a screening of the film at the London Film Festival amidst praise that we can’t remember hearing in a long time. The queue for tickets to a press screening had been out the door and around the corner on the previous day and the lucky reviewers that had got in were euphoric in their praise. Stunning, exquisite, a masterpiece… Could it really be as good as that?

The film concerns a struggling actress in Emma Stone crossing paths with a pianist (Ryan Gosling) who’d love to open his own jazz bar. A nostalgic look at Los Angeles and entertainment of the past, the film calls to mind Hollywood musicals of the 1950s and at its heart is a simple tale of the struggle to achieve your dreams. With a romantic comedy drama thrown into proceedings, we were certainly intrigued.

La La Land begins with an opening number that will take your breath away, a traffic jam on an LA freeway the setting for a hugely exhilarating song that is incredibly shot in one take. People jumping on cars, bands appearing in the back of vans and every single singer and dancer hitting their spot remarkably… You are instantly aware that this film will be very special indeed.

From the immaculate costumes to the purple hues of the colour scheme, the film is beautiful to look at and a must for somebody looking to be enthralled for two hours. We often talk of bespoke entertainment and the wonder of song and dance compositions and nothing is truer here with a multitude of original songs that will be in your head for hours after the film. We are still humming “City of Stars” (see the trailer above) days later.

This is a romantic drama that will capture the hearts of all who see it. If you love dance then see it. If you love music then see it. If you love jazz then you just have to see it and you have aspirations to achieve your dreams – and who doesn’t – then this should be on your list. From the writer/director of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle, we think this might just be even better and the audience at our screening, who gave the film a standing ovation, certainly seemed to agree.Expect Oscars for La La Land in February.



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By Henry Fosdike