Kinetic Light/Videomapped Dance @ Sibos 2019, ExCeL London

September 26, 2019

A kinetic light/videomapped dance at Sibos? What on earth is that? If you follow us on Instagram you will be well aware of what we are promoting today and if you don’t then you are about to be very impressed!

We love entertainment. We love all the different kinds of entertainment that can be offered at events and sometimes our clients want something absolutely spectacular at their event. This just so happened to be the case at Sibos 2019, an annual international financial conference that brings together almost every bank from around the globe. Sibos takes place in a different city every year and this time, for the first time ever, it is taking place in London at the ExCeL London.

The opening plenary, as the name suggests, is the very first event of the conference and almost every delegate will attend. We were contacted to help produce something very special indeed – a bespoke kinetic light/videomapped dance sequence to open the first two minutes of the show with choreography to be devised by industry legend Del Mak. No small feat!

The theme of the conference was “Thriving in a Hyper-Connected World” and the performance is a great example of how entertainment can be used to communicate a brand or event message - something we talk about a lot and pride ourselves on! You can see the full video on our Instragram or you can watch it below. 

We think that the use of kinetic light, videomapping and dance created a beautiful opening to Sibos and from what we can tell on social media, the reaction in the room was just as strong! As we mentioned in a recent blog, the ExCeL London is a fantastic blank canvas events space and this just goes to show what can be achieved within its walls.

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By Henry Fosdike