Kids Party, Me Hearties! Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs come to Surrey.

March 01, 2011


 Think back to when you were five…keep thinking back, yes, it’s further than you think, go on…Now, what were you interested in? Lego? Barbie? How about Pirate Dinosaurs? Yep, now you’re talking. Well, thanks to Jane’s adorable son, we themed a lovely five year old boy’s birthday party around this very thing.Slightly macabre props for a kid's party, yes, but you'd be surprised what kids are into. In children’s party terms, it really was the perfect day – the sun was shining, there were pirates sleeping in the garden (it was part of the act, we don’t just employ narcoleptics) and there were 24 shrieking and laughing children running around.

The only problem with entertaining 24 children is what to do with their parents?

This is where all the suppliers really showed how perfectly they can work together. We were very fortunate to be working with some fantastic suppliers, such as Merdien Marquees and Campbell Ackroyd supplied some delicious food. From this we could all create the perfect afternoon of fun and frolics for the little ones and a calm and relaxed atmosphere for the happy parents.

The Pirate Ship Stage in a MarqueeThe building started on the Thursday before the event where the marquee company, Meriden Marquees, started creating the two marquees with bespoke made tack-off lining. The ‘adult’ tent had beautiful crisp clean lines, but decorated with wild spring flowers in vintage style vases.

Sleeping on the job? This better be a 'skit' of some sortMeanwhile, the ‘kids’ tent was alive with red and cream stripes and a bright green carpet. So far, so good…everything was going well and starting to take shape.

With the help of Jane’s skilful and intricate eye for detail and style, we created a fantastic room full of pirate treasures, colourful bunting, palm trees and even a crocodile. The pièce de résistance was the magnificent pirate ship that was built on-site and erected within a day!

Duncan's 'Late Payment Canon' makes an appearance at the party. In addition to this, we also made some bespoke games for the large garden that was surrounding the marquee. Obviously, due to the fact that we live in England and the weather is…undesirable (to put it politely) sometimes, we do have to of course have contingency plans in case the heavens do open, but it really was a blessing that Saturday was such a beautiful day and the children could play ‘Splat the Rat’ and dig for treasure with help of some very special pirate children’s entertainers.

The children's theatre troupe try to sneak out without performing

For me, the best part of the day was seeing the birthday boy being unable to contain his excitement when we organized a 10 minute show which included the characters from his favourite book, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs (Google it, I wont think any less of you for not knowing what this is) The show, which involved children and any brave adults that wanted to join in, then culminated in everyone singing Happy Birthday and a pirate boat shaped banana birthday cake being presented (you obviously would not be surprised to hear that the cake was promptly devoured)

All I'm saying is, if these guys boarded my ship, I think I could take them. Jane and I left the party feeling rather overwhelmed and very pleased at everyone’s hard work. I think it is the perfect example of how suppliers can work together to create something totally bespoke for whatever age, style or theme (having said that, Pirate Dinosaurs may not be something that I can suggest to every Bride)

If you're looking to bring some high seas adventuring/dinosaurs to your next event (regardless of how old you are) get in touch!