Jamie Raven, Le Gateau Chocolat & More at The Ivy

October 19, 2016

Sometimes it is hard to do justice to the brilliance of some events. Sometimes it’s hard to write about them at all. This event is definitely in the former category and almost certainly in the latter. Words just won’t do the night justice! Even so, we can do our very best to try and bring you the experience that a few select event professionals were able to enjoy last night at The Ivy through the spectacular photos and some vivid vocabulary… Let’s go!

There wasn't just one Mirror Man ready to welcome guests as they arrived at The Ivy but two! These Mirror Men were great fun at entertaining attendees as they were busying themselves getting a drink and finding their seat. A perfect selfie opportunity and we certainly think they gave a hint of what was to come throughout the evening!

  Asher Treleaven was our fabulous host for the evening and what a host he was! Providing a warm welcome to all, he was the perfect blend of humour and enthusiasm that you want in a presenter and the best bit for us is that he has moved from Australia to the UK to bring his wit to the West End permanently!

   The first act to entertain the guests at The Ivy was foot juggler Ulrike who left guests stunned with her poise. How on earth can someone learn such skills?! From an umbrella to various other props, Ulrike balanced and span them all, cleverly avoiding the low hanging ceiling! It really is a spectacular act and Mat Ricardo’s gentleman juggler routine was the perfect follow-on. Accomplishing a number of unlikely feats with fast hands and hilarious one liners, Ricardo went down a storm!

   Now let us tell you this… Le Gateau Chocolat is sublime. If you haven’t experienced his act then you have so much to look forward to! This top drag act and cabaret star has recently been performing at the National Theatre as a cast member in The Threepenny Opera and the way that he commands such presence on the stage is nothing short of extraordinary. Make no mistake about it as soon as Gateau walked out on stage, everybody knew they were in for a good time! He performed one song (which was actually due to open the show but Southern Rail put paid to those plans) before Asher informed us there’d be more from him later.

Closing out the first act of the show was Joe Stilgoe (alas, no photos!), a performer whom Adam had enjoyed at Edinburgh a couple of months previously. A true lover of music, he performed a tremendous medley of film tunes that covered all genres! We have to say that from our vantage point, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang went down best with the crowd, proving that family classics are the way to go when it comes to film covers! When his band joined Joe on stage, there was another few minutes of magnificent musicianship before the first half was brought to a close with the always excellent Doolally Tap playing through the interval!

    To begin act two, guests were told that we were kicking off with a burlesque act and that it doesn’t do to remain silent. Truer words have never been spoken and with Asher having warmed us up wonderfully once more, Jolie Papillon arrived on stage and performed a risqué routine that had the crowd clapping delightedly!

   All hot under the collar from that performance, we were delighted to be able to have Jamie Raven perform for us as the next act. Since coming second on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, Jamie has gone from strength to strength, even having a show on the West End! Despite a technical hitch in bringing his props on stage (milk was spilled; nobody cried), Jamie persevered over some sound issues and wowed the crowd with his magic tricks. The torn and restored newspaper was a sight to behold and he was truly deserving of the huge round of applause he received!

  Asher returned to welcome the final act of the evening but not before performing a jaw-dropping routine of his own using a diabolo of all things. First unleashing his ‘feminine’ routine, he jokingly noted that one audience goer didn’t seem impressed before launching into a more ‘masculine’ diabolo routine to get the guest on side. We don’t know about him but we were wowed by the skills!

  The finale to the evening was one that we had been promised but with a unique twist! Not only did Le Gateau Chocolat return to the stage in another fabulous costume, but he was joined by cult drag artist Jonny Woo as well. What an experience! The two performed a sensational duet of Phantom of the Opera before another costume change allowed them to sing Summer Lovin’ from Grease. Needless to say, those in the audience were happy to sing along to both the male and female parts!

    To close the show, Gateau sang a sensational rendition of Nessun Dorma, which brought the house down. Following up the world famous climax to the song with an athletic high kick, this was an operatic tour de force the likes of which has never been seen in London’s West End (presumably). Doolally Tap then returned to play the guests out of the building with a few choice tracks. It really was a hell of a way to end the show and we can’t wait for our next showcase, whenever that will be!

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By Henry Fosdike