James Bond Entertainment Ideas

February 10, 2014

The world’s favourite super spy clearly holds a special place in the hearts of events planners. Whether you prefer the high camp of Moore, the gritty realism of Craig, the sleek sophistication of Connery or the ‘go undercover as a bespectacled kilt wearing genealogist before chasing Kojak on a bobsleigh’ exploits  of George Lazenby, the appeal of a 007 themed party is seemingly irresistible.  Kind of surprising we haven’t done a blog about it already. Let’s put that right.

A big part of getting your Bond themed event right comes down to entertainment – a few choice acts can turn an event from “black tie party with martinis” to a bona fide scene from one of JBs globetrotting adventures in womanising and excessive drinking... without the womanising and excessive drinking.  So today we’re suggesting a few ideas to make sure your event has a Licence to Thri [Try Harder]

 Casino Tables

Secret Volcano Bases and Undersea Lairs aren’t the easiest things to simulate in London Venues (although an Aquarium could do a pretty decent impression of the latter) so event planners have to look elsewhere for scenes that can be recreated at their events. Thankfully, 007 tends to spend a fair amount of time in casinos which are far easier to turn a space in to – a few casino tables manned by suitably dressed croupiers and you’re there.

 Villains and Characters

The Bond series is blessed with a memorable rogue’s gallery of megalomaniacal, often disfigured foes. Oh sure, some are more memorable than others – try to picture Elliott Carver without Googling him, I had to – but between the hat tossing Korean assassins and mute, metal-mouthed man monsters (‘m’ key getting a much needed work out there) there are plenty of familiar faces with which to populate your Bond themed event.



Goofy gadgetry has taken a bit of a backseat to awesome throat punching in recent films but there’s still a place in a Bond Party for a nifty gadget or two. High-Tech entertainment ideas like laser harps, Digital Graffiti Walls and iPad Magic display Q Branch levels of ingenuity and when manned by lab coat wearing assistants, a few gadgety inclusions can give the event a fun interactive feel.

 Bond Lookalikes

You can’t have a 007 themed event without the man himself making an appearance. But while the actors who played the role are either too old, too famous or too busy reading the script for the Taffin sequel that I sent him to turn up at your event, there are a number of top lookalikes who fit the bill. And if you’re having trouble deciding which dopple-oh-seven to go with, why not get more than one? Why not pitch Bogus Brosnan ‘gainst Mock Moore in fierce free-style pun battle? Why not indeed.  

 Shaken Not Stirred Contortion

The naked silhouette intros (as lovingly recreated by Alan Partridge) seem to have fallen out of favour in recent Bond outings but many Bond Fanatics still yearn for a time when the theme song was accompanied by a writhing body covered in oil or something. Our Shaken Not Stirred show takes inspiration from the title sequences of old, mixing smartly choreographed contortion with some of the Bond series’ greatest musical hits.

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