Its Never Too Early 5 Christmas Acts

June 01, 2015

As the first day of June arrives, it’s natural that you start turning the pages of your diary a little more in preparation for summer. But let’s go even further and assume you’re in charge of booking your office Christmas party. Is June too early to start calling? Not at all. Some of our entertainment is booked in for Christmas gigs as early as March, so don’t be the party that’s left in the cold (so to speak).

With that in mind, here are five acts that will fit in at any Christmas party.


 Aside from looking like they’ve just walked from the North Pole in a dapper suit, the Chillusionist will also perform magic tricks of various types that will leave you frozen in shock. Fully costumed in a ‘Jack Frost’ style with frosted brows also included, the benefits of booking a chillusionist are tenfold – many of our close-up magicians can step up to the mantle so if one is booked, you haven’t missed out for there should definitely be another free! Magic!

Living Christmas Tree

 The sort of act that you’d never think of until you hear about it, but then becomes so obvious that you wonder why you never invented it. The living Christmas tree is the ultimate for greeting your guests. Hover them by the door and wait to photograph the surprised reactions as attendees jump out of their skin as the festive decoration leans into them. Hilarious and unexpected, the living Christmas tree is a must for your corporate party.


 Acrochaps are a wonderfully diverse trio of ‘gentlemen acrobats’, whose circus strongman routine is enhanced by their phenomenal facial hair. Their incredible performance has been customised many times and for Christmas, there’s nothing better than booking the Funky Santa trio. With one member dressed as Santa and the other two dressed as elves, it’s an insight into Santa’s workshop like you’ve never seen before.

Hark the Herald

 A festive a cappella ensemble that wouldn’t be out of place in Pitch Perfect, Hark the Herald’s repertoire ranges from Christmas favourites to more modern tunes, ideal for setting the mood for any Christmas event. A perfect background act that will have all in attendance humming along to Christmas carols, Hark the Herald are a wonderful selection to go with your mulled wine and mince pie.

Berry Jazz

 A superb accompaniment to your private party, Berry Jazz are an extremely talented group of jazz musicians whose repertoire fits perfectly with Christmas and the festive season. Providing all new, beautiful arrangements including Let It Snow, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and (my mum’s favourite – not that it matters) Last ChristmasBerry Jazz go down particularly well with a bit of Christmas pudding.

Bonus – Christmas DJ

 By far the most popular act for Christmas, booking in DJ far in advance is an absolute must. Hell, there will probably be a blog on it at some point in the near future. Our office gets absolutely hammered with phone calls in the few weeks leading up to Christmas as Djs are booked out every single day. So give yourself some peace of mind and book a DJ in June. Easy!


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By Henry Fosdike