Introducing Sternberg Shark

April 01, 2015

After much consideration, we at Sternberg Clarke have decided that the time is right to focus primarily on the one act you have all been requesting. Yes, none of you have requested it yet but at Sternberg Clarke we like to be ahead of the curve and have therefore decided to completely rework our efforts and become Sternberg Shark, home of jawsome entertainment.

Put simply, Sternberg Shark will be able to offer you an unrivalled experience within the events industry. If you’d like a Hammerhead Shark at your private event (and who wouldn’t?) then we can sort that out for you. Perhaps you’d prefer a Tiger Shark at your wedding. Again, not a problem (from our point of view anyway – it may be a problem for your guests).


If it is normally to be found swimming in the ocean then Sternberg Shark can bring it to your door. Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide anything to hold your newly delivered gift – we aren’t called Sternberg Aquarium – but it’s bound to get people talking when we leave a Great White Shark in the middle of your venue. The video above is an artist's representation of how your event may look and sound; try and imagine the shark without water, all the other fish as people and screams in place of music and you get the idea. 

Now you may be thinking that we are spreading ourselves a little fin here, but you need not worry. All of our prices from baby sharks (aww) right through to Bull sharks (argh!) will be provided for an extremely fair fee, the prices of which will go live around 12pm today. Unfortunately due to the nature of dealing with live sharks (read: possible death) all sharks will need to be paid for in full prior to the event.

Sternberg Shark will accept no responsibility for the possible injuries that will almost certainly occur, but to put your mind at ease, think of all the events you’ve attended previously where live sharks have roamed freely among your guests. Let us guess. No injuries at all. So you can rest assured that we’ve really thought this through.




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Here at Sternberg Shark we know how to handle a challenge - hell, we deal with sharks - and we stop at nothing to ensure your event is a night – or day – to remember. To be honest, it kinda goes with the territory. Check out our create page and learn more about how we can customise your shark entertainment to match your needs.

Thinking about booking one of our many talented sharks? They can swim and everything. Visit our contact page and send us a message.

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By Henry Fosdike