Introducing Showoffs

May 05, 2015

This. Is. Showoffs. Here at Sternberg Clarke, we don’t like to just allow the acts to perform. Loads of other places do that. We want to show that all of us in the office care about entertainment and put ourselves out there to #showoff just what we can do too.

The problem is that we don’t really have that many talents. That’s why we’re stuck behind a desk between the hours of 9-5 every weekday. So how could we rectify that? Well, over the next month every single person in the office will be learning a new skill and broadcasting it on social media to be ridiculed far beyond the office walls.

Why are we doing it? Well, what do we provide? That’s right. Entertainment. And this will undoubtedly entertain. Unicycling, magic, juggling, balloon modelling, hula hooping and yes, even origami will be featured with many of our expert acts coming in to show us – and the world – just how it’s done.

With a competition or two for our best showoff followers and a campaign to find the most unique act on the circuit (or perhaps sitting to your right in the office?), it’ll all be happening throughout May.

Join us in celebrating the wonderful world of entertainment and discovering all the unique acts of whom you may not have been aware. 

So join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect on Instagram for all the goodness that is to come! 

By Henry Fosdike