Introducing Rap Around

February 05, 2020

Rap Around is the brand new strolling act that is taking the events industry by storm. Combining singing, strolling and rap, they are a completely new idea in the UK events market and are absolutely perfect for corporate events.

As you can see from the videos dotted throughout this blog post, Rap Around is a must-see act at events; a cool London-based trio comprised of Corey, JJ and Rhys they roam around an event and perform an eclectic blend of classic and contemporary pop hits with a unique rap twist that has never been seen before in the events industry. For too long rap has been one of the primary genres in the UK music industry but has rarely been seen at corporate functions. We wanted to change all that which is where Rap Around come in.

Comprising acoustic guitar and vocals, Rap Around require no PA. This makes them perfect for literally any venue, both inside and out. A guaranteed hit with young and old alike, Rap Around perform to small pockets of guests at a time, delivering their own twist on songs that both already feature a rap element and some that don’t! Have you ever wanted to hear how a Britney Spears pop hit might sound with rap? There is no need to imagine it now for Rap Around have worked on their own high-end arrangements that are sure to delight. From The Killers to Bryan Adams, Oasis and even The Killers, they will deliver unique takes on all of your favourite tracks.

Expect soulful melodies, soaring harmonies and trademark hip-hop rhymes that are guaranteed to impress. Rap Around have already impressed at events across London and Brighton, and we cannot wait to see what the group do next! Great fun and guaranteed to elicit an excellent response from guests, get in touch today to see how they can come up with a bespoke song to put the finishing touches to your event!


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By Henry Fosdike