Top 5: International Wedding Acts

October 08, 2011



Many a couple dreams of the traditional ‘English Country Wedding’, which is perfect for the beautiful venues where we work and it's something we have a lot of experience catering to when it comes to Wedding Entertainment. String Quartets, Pianists and Harpists remain our most popular options because they work so well within traditional wedding themes. But the great thing about entertainment, and what makes it so unique in comparison to other aspects of a wedding, is that it can combine with cultures, personalities and past experiences to create something completely personal to you and your partner.

Maybe you met whilst travelling in Timbuktu or your families are from different parts of the world - weddings should be about bringing people together, and entertainment can be the way to do that.

Here are just a few examples of how music and entertainment from different cultures can be incorporated into a wedding.

Our Steel Band Available for Weddings and Civil Ceremonies

Mangrove Steel Band

A few weeks back, I managed to catch the Mangrove Steel Band performing at Notting Hill Carnival and despite the fact that we've worked with them in the past - I was blown away by their energy and the sheer joy that their music creates. The band are veterans at the carnival and can grow to up to 80 members for the prestigious event. Of course, the band can strip things down to as little as three members for more intimate events, and this is how we often use them.

The steel band are perfect as background music with a contemporary Caribbean twist and fit in perfectly in unusual venues, such as The Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew, where the light and energetic music compliments the tropical surroundings. Mangrove can also grow to additional musicians to create a Caribbean style band for dancing later in the evening.

Source of Fire

Source of Fire are a traditional Egyptian ensemble, lead renowned tabla player and long-time Sternberg Clarke performer, Hossam Ramzy. As an Egyptian born musician who's travelled extensively, Hossam has a rich insight into the cultural origins of Middle Eastern music.  Since moving to the UK in 1970’s, Hossam has toured with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and worked with famous acts such as The Gipsy Kings and Rachid Taha.

With their lively personalities yet traditional music, Source of Fire are perfect for drinks receptions.  At a recent reception at Kensington Palace, our client (who was of Middle Eastern descent himself) was so impressed by the ensemble that he was ready to book them again for his birthday before they'd even finished their set.The ensemble can be available as an acoustic trio through to a five piece amplified group with the option of belly dancers.

Bhangra Dancers for Indian Themed Weddings

Bhangra Dancers

Our Bhangra Dancers’ mission statement is ‘to keep the traditional side of dance alive and to further the horizons of bhangra, so that it could be enjoyed by a wider audience and not just restricted within the Asian Communities’  Which is exactly why entertainment is so significant at weddings - it brings people together.

Bhangra is a folk dance of the Punjab, originating in 14th Century and is classed as one of the oldest dances in the world.  Our dance group performs with vigour, and intensity and passion that few can match and always create a real ‘wow factor’ wherever they perform. As part of a drumming ensemble for a traditional Indian ceremony, or as a large and impressive after dinner show, the dancers keep to all traditionals, as well as constantly forming new and exciting routines.

Classical and Jazz Guitarist Ahmed

Ahmed Dickinson

Ahmed's intoxicating mixture of Cuban rhythms with influences from Spanish, African and American music is perfect for creating a relaxed but exotic feel. Blending Jazz, Latin and Classical sounds, Ahmed uses his sophisticated charm and incredible musicianship to give any event a touch of Latin American style. It's this kind of musical diversity that makes Cuba such an enticing prospect for music lovers and for anyone with Cuban heritage or an affinity with the music of the country, Ahmed is the perfect choice.

Ahmed’s calm yet sophisticated style makes him an ideal fit for for background music at a wedding.  His repertoire is unique and cultured and Ahmed always creates a calm atmosphere wherever he performs.

Etienne Entertains Prince William

Etienne – French Magician

Etienne is a French born magician and after moving to England he has achieved international recognition as one of the world's finest close-up table magicians. After only 3 years as a member of the elite 'Magic Circle', he was invited to take membership of the 'Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star' in recognition of his excellence as a professional magician. We work at many corporate events that bring together people from different countries and therefore all speak in different languages.  The exact same principal can be placed on weddings and private events.  

A strolling non-musical act, such as a magician, can physically draw people closer and also use language and physical interaction to bring different people together. Fluent in the universal language of magic whilst conversing in the French language of French, a multilingual magician like Etienne is a great way to cross language barriers at a wedding reception and inject some Gallic charm into the proceedings.

Entertainment should not only bring people together, but it should also be a way of breaking away from ‘the norm’ and the routine that is sometimes associated with the day.