Fantastic International Acts for your Wedding

April 28, 2015

The thing about entertainment is that it’s different for everyone. We must be truthful and admit that yes, most couples hire more traditional acts when planning their happy day. Pianists, harpists, string quartets are all very popular and of course come the reception, who doesn’t love a good dance to a disco?

But no wedding is the same and sometimes couples want to venture off the beaten track... Kelly’s wedding featured a pianist. Tom’s featured a harpist. If only there was something different and more personal to you and your story of how you met in Africa before motorbiking across Europe with a Bollywood dancing troupe. Start smiling lovebirds because we have just the entertainment for you!

Dhol Foundation

 There’s something just so empowering about a group drumming in perfect harmony and there’s none better than the Dhol Foundation for sheer stage presence. You might be thinking, “But Sternberg Clarke blogger, can you put your money where your mouth is?” Thanks for your query and yes, we already have. We love the Dhol Foundation so much that we had them as an act at our most recent showcase. They’re just that good.

Bouzouki Group

 Perhaps you met over a shared love of Kalamata olives and feta cheese in your local Sainsbury’s. Or maybe you’re a big fan of the 2002 box office hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Or maybe you’re Greek. Whatever the reason, if you’re a big fan of all things Greece then you’re in for a treat with the Bouzouki Group, who use a variety of Greek instruments including the paglama, percussion and bouzouki to bring a sense of traditional Grecian style to your big day.


 Bringing a flavour of Peru to the UK and reminding you of your incredible trip to Machu Picchu – who can forget that proposal? – Malambo are the perfect accompaniment to your wedding. Featuring the classic ‘criollo’ Peruvian party atmosphere of clapping and cheering as well as fusing together other elements of Latin American music, this may just be the band you’re after. A siesta? No, no, no. Fiesta!


 Oh you want an award-winning band? Why didn’t you say! How about the incredible klezmer and Balkan band, She’Koyokh! Specialising in Ashkenazic melodies and dedicated to performing Eastern European folk music, this band will be sure to bring a fresh and passionate energy to your wedding. Simple harmonies, traditional rhythms and big smiles. A sheer delight.

Source of Fire

 There’s nothing quite like a trip to Egypt. Why not bring those memories to your wedding day by enlisting the talents of Source of Fire, led by the legendary Egyptian tabla player Hossam Ramzy? With an extensive repertoire of authentic Egyptian music, Hossam and his band can introduce your guests to the delights of the Middle East. Perfect for summer weddings and outside events that will have you dreaming of the day you can return!

Celtic Chords

 Okay, not every couple have been around the globe and dedicated their relationship to discovering world music. Sometimes the bride and groom would rather have something different to a disco and if they can appease their infamous Aunt Dolores from Dublin then that’s just a bonus. Look no further than Celtic Chords to get your wedding party dancing! With infectious music and humour, they guarantee a fun packed evening for all.




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By Henry Fosdike