Interactive Wedding Entertainment Ideas

January 08, 2020

Interactive wedding entertainment ensures that guests are guaranteed to chat with one another at your event. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out where everybody should sit at the wedding breakfast but with these interactive entertainment ideas, we guarantee that any awkwardness will be a thing of the past long before everyone sits down to some incredible food.

Photo Booth

 Tried and tested, the photo booth is probably the most popular form of interactive wedding entertainment available today. Coming in a host of different options (selfie booths, mirror booths, etc.), there is guaranteed to be at least one photo booth that fits your wedding criteria. We think you’re guests are sure to enjoy an amazing day of fun as they pose with props and – if requested – stick the instant photos into a keepsake for the happy couple to enjoy.

Sewing Machine Artist

 Something a little different but an entertainment form that we absolutely love, a sewing machine artist may not seem at first glance to be an interactive form of wedding entertainment. That’s until you find out how the machine is powered… Perfect for summer weddings, Harriet is more than happy to stitch what she sees in front of her, creating a one of a kind piece of art for the married couple to cherish forever more. Helping her are those guests who provide the pedal power required to ensure that she keeps stitching throughout the day!


 There is a reason that magic is so popular at weddings and that reason is because they are so good at helping to break the ice. Whether a strolling magician is table hopping at the wedding breakfast or parading through guests during your drinks reception, they always draw a crowd and bring together guests who might not previously have met. Guaranteed to entertain for up to three hours, you definitely get your money’s worth with a top magician!

Silhouette Artist

 Another form of entertainment that couples might not ordinarily consider (primarily because they don’t know about it), a silhouette artist is another example of entertainment where a crowd inevitably gathers around the performer as he or she cuts out a guest’s likeness into a piece of card. With the artworks instantly available for guests to take home, we’ve heard of many sharing their silhouettes on the day and a fair few getting them framed at a later date. They are that good!

Edible Bubble Machine

 We guarantee your guests won’t have seen this before! Although we love interactive entertainment like casino tables or garden games there’s nothing quite like introducing something new to your invited guests. With this in mind, why not book something mindblowing like an Edible Bubble Machine? Consistently throwing bubbles into the air, these mini morsels of delight can come in literally any flavour so if you want something alcoholic to start guests talking, this is a unique way to provide that first ‘drink’!

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By Henry Fosdike