Interactive Scares for a Hallowe'en Party

September 11, 2018

When it comes to celebrating Hallowe’en, we absolutely adore the annual By Word of Mouth party. Top event caterers, they go all out each and every year and we have helped them with the entertainment each time. From terrifying acts to marvelling at one another’s costumes, there’s a whole lot to enjoy, but how do you focus on the interaction at a Hallowe’en party?

First of all, it has to be said that for a Hallowe’en party, you have to get people in the mood. You can’t have someone walk up all smiles and simply sampling the canapés, oh no! What you need is a few scares here and there before they even reach their welcome drink. In order to do this, we highly recommend a freaky meet and greet act like Abnormalik. A renowned actor and makeup artist, he can create a whole host of incredible characters that are guaranteed to give you the shivers.

 Moving on from the arrival, it’s now time to get stuck into the party. Perhaps a few themed actors running through some classic scenes from your favourite horror movies could be a big hit, though make sure that they are very well known; you don’t want a guest fainting from the fright as a slasher villain rocks up and nobody knows who they are meant to be. “Oh, I thought Hatchet was mainstream…”

 Interactive strolling entertainment is a classic way for Hallowe’en parties to really make their mark. From stilt walkers to magicians, everyone can get dressed up and go a little macabre for the evening. Magicians love a bit of fire whilst a few mentalism scares are guaranteed to get the guests talking! Strolling bands are also not averse to a bit of costuming!

How best to remember the proceedings from the night before? With a photo booth of course! There are a number of options when it comes to booking a photo booth from ones that provide props, logos, theming and more. You can even book a photo booth that adds a three dimensional feel or gif to the final shot.

There are so many ways to put on the perfect Hallowe’en party and we hope this blog has made you think when it comes to booking the entertainment for your scary event this October.



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By Henry Fosdike