Incredible Busking Acts You Won’t Have Heard About

April 14, 2015

There are so many events each year that it’s hard to keep track of them all. From aerial hoop performers at Sotheby’s to Organic Jam at the Sky Garden, we’ve had some brilliant events this year that really lit up the room! But sometimes people don’t want that. Sometimes you want something a little more chilled out and casual. The sort of thing you’re just as likely to find on the streets of London as well as entertaining guests at your party. It’s a bit of a bonus if nobody’s seen an act in this sort of setting before too.

So without further ado here are just a few busking acts that are sure to have your attendees nodding in approval.

The Sonic Manipulator

You know you’re getting one hell of an act when their name begins with ‘The’. The Sonic Manipulator lives up to his name by...err...manipulating sonic sounds (though if he could convince a blue hedgehog to do something it didn’t want to do as part of his busking act then that would be great too). A lot of the instruments he uses are his own inventions and the video above is well worth a watch.

De Fuego

 You’ve heard guitars before. You may have heard two guitars before. You may have heard Flamenco music before. And you may also be familiar with the Game of Thrones theme tune. But have you heard them all combined together? Thought not. De Fuego wowed us with their Flamenco versions of famous hits and tracks and will definitely add a bit of Spanish flavour to your event.

Puncture Kit

When most of us see an old bike that is well beyond its years, we probably throw it out and buy a new one or more likely, decide that cycling just isn’t for us. But when Puncture Kit looked at his old bike, he saw an opportunity to create a drum kit. Yes, you read that right. A drum kit. Out of a bicycle. A bicycle that has been transformed into a drum kit. We can tell you’re intrigued – who wouldn’t be? – and we think your guests will have the exact same reaction. An amazing, unique music act for your event!

Fire Tuba

A bit of a favourite within this hallowed blog, Fire Tuba is exactly what you’d expect it to be. When most people play their favourite brass instrument, carbon dioxide is the result. But with this act, you get fire. Naturally you get music as well but we have to be honest here when we say most of your guests will be more preoccupied with the flames flaring out from the instrument because truth be told, it’s just really, really cool. Busking has never been so awesome.

Team Power Stilts

The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things! The only problem is that they don’t tend to be available for corporate and private events. But do not worry dear reader for Team Power Stilts exist to plug that gap! Want to see a car be jumped with ease? Pah! Want someone to hop over your seated CEO? No problem. Yes, they can do all this and more, putting together a superb display of acrobatic goodness for your event.

Stay tuned for more incredible busking acts you probably won’t have heard of in a future blog!


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By Henry Fosdike