Incredible Busking Acts You Won’t Have Heard About (Part II)

April 24, 2015

There are so many brilliant busking acts around at the moment, that it proved impossible to put them all in one blog without giving you repetitive strain injury from scrolling so far. As such, here is our follow-up on busking acts, showcasing the great and the good from the streets of the UK (and Paris, interestingly enough.)

Fables & Friends

 Fables & Friends - also known as Georgia and the Fables – are an upbeat, folk-inspired, London-based covers band who can also be found on the streets of Montmartre in Paris when not performing at high profile corporate and private events. Zut alors! They specialise in intimate events and feature a versatile acoustic lineup which includes  both male and female vocals, guitar, upright bass and cajon/percussion. Ooh la la!

B-Side Beatles

 We found them nowhere near Penny Lane but busking on Columbia Road. You can also find the B-Side Beatles in various spots around London including Broadway Market, Covent Garden and Victoria Park. Don’t let it be though, help! them out and hire them for a spot at your event today. They attract large audiences of all ages with all the classics from the Beatles back catalogue and just as much charm. They can switch between blending into the background and taking centre stage making this dapper foursome a perfect addition to your event no matter what your needs.

Pete W

 A degree in Chemical Engineering, training as an actor and working as a Personal Fitness Trailer all feature in Pete’s past before he decided to embark on a career as a magician, performing for the crowds in London’s Covent Garden. Having won prizes from the Magic Circle including Close-Up Magician of the Year and Stage Magician of the Year, Pete W is the ultimate performer for any event.

Lewis Floyd Henry

Move over Bob Dylan because there’s a new one-man-band-style-musician-whose-entire-name-is-made-up-of-first-names! Yes, Lewis Floyd Henry can regularly be seen busking on Brick Lane, rattling through a cool as hell repertoire that always leave punters nodding along to his slick tunes. With Lewis on vocals, Lewis on guitar and yes, Lewis on drums, he’s the perfect package for your party.

Ze Trio

 Violin? Check. Guitar? Check. Accordion? Oh hell yeah! How many times have you seen an accordion on stage? Whatever the answer, it probably isn’t enough. Ze Trio are a wonderfully eccentric three-piece ensemble who placed as runner up in the inaugural Rhythm of London busking competition in 2011 (you may know it by its current name of GIGS). Adding a dash of theatrics to any event, they cover Beethoven, Britney and even Frank Sinatra if required, able to stroll among guests or perform a stellar set on stage.

Incredibly, there are more busking acts than there is blog space so feel free to get in touch if you’re after something that doesn’t quite tick the boxes and we’ll do our best to find what you are after.




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By Henry Fosdike