Throwback Thursday - Stilt Walkers and In the Style Of @ the UK Blog Awards 2016

October 04, 2018

This week's Throwback Thursday takes us on a stroll to 2016 and the UK Blog Awards, where we provided a caricaturist in the style of Quentin Blake and a stilt walker who was able to provide a unique glimpse into his viewpoint by attaching a GoPro to his hat. Marvellous! The original blog is below...

We don’t want to bang on about it, but you may have seen that we were Highly Commended at the UK Blog Awards for… Well, this blog! Hooray! In order to ensure that the event was as entertaining as possible, we also sent along a couple of acts to London’s Park Plaza to add to the flavour of the evening.

By flavour, we were obviously looking at enhancing the party atmosphere. Yes, the UK Blog Awards is an awards ceremony and event, but it’s also a party, celebrating the great and the good of the blogging world. To this end, the blog awards even had a fun Roald Dahl's BFG theme. Did they get that idea from our blog? Well, we have no idea but we like to think they may have ran across it when proposing a theme.

Naturally we weren’t able to provide a massive peach and we have to be honest, creating one cake in the style of Bruce Bogtrotter’s monster meal from Matilda just wasn’t really an option. The BFG however? That we could do! We helpfully sent along a wonderful stilt walker to engage the crowd in a big, friendly, gigantic sort of way! We also attached a Go Pro to his head to see exactly what his point of view of the evening would be and were treated with this wonderful footage below. 

But when we provide entertainment, we like to think that two forms are better than one. What else could we send along with a BFG kinda theme? Unfortunately we didn’t have time to make some snozzcumbers, so instead provided the amazing Sonya who drew guests and nominees in the style of Quentin Blake. ‘In the Style Of’ is a tremendously unique entertainment act to hire for a party or event and it was fabulous here, with the below drawing showcasing Sonya’s incredible skills.

 This particular drawing was taken by Helena Gomez who runs the rather brilliant Beaut Chic blog, which covers beauty, events, fashion and lifestyle. Helena wrote an excellent piece on the UK Blog Awards and we highly recommend giving it a read. Why wouldn’t you; it’s UK Blog Awards nominated after all!

The evening was an unabashed success and we particularly enjoyed networking with other fantastic bloggers from around the UK. We cannot wait for the next UK Blog Awards. Roll on 2017!

Title Photo: Pro Photo Events

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