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July 06, 2015

With the arrival of James Bond’s Spectre growing ever closer, it’s a fair prediction that there will be a number of James Bond-themed parties in the offing, with various Bond lookalikes and a casino table in tow. But what about something slightly different? For Your Eyes Only, here are a few act ideas you may not have thought about.

Photo Booth

 You what? A photo booth? Yes, we hear what you’re saying. They are extremely common at weddings and are always great fun but don’t exactly scream Bond. Well, not until you look at the photos above and agree that actually, there probably isn’t a lot cooler to provide you with a memento of your evening. If you’ve got a GoldenEye for poses, then there’s probably nothing better.

Diamond Reception

 Where would Bond be without the glitz and the glamour of the jewels hanging off the shoulders of his closest companions? If you want to send one of your guest’s home with a real diamond then this exclusive event idea is perfect for you. Nestled at the bottom of each glass of champagne is a sparkling stone but only one is a diamond. Upon finishing your drink, an Embee Diamond Inspector will examine your stone and if yours is the real diamond, then you get to keep it, complete with a luxury presentation case! This is well worth doing because as we all know, Diamonds Are Forever.

Silhouette Artist

 Perfect as an homage to the James Bond intro, where 007 strolls into shot before shooting at the camera, a silhouette artist is something that has to be seen to be believed. Your guests’ profile can be cut out of card and mounted on a frame all within 7 minutes. And the person who does it is Russian, so you can truly say that these are From Russia With Love (okay, that’s not true but we had to shoehorn a Bond title in this paragraph somewhere.)


 The World Is Not Enough for this great act! Did you know that your handwriting is almost as unique as your fingerprints? By examining the pressure, rhythm and spacing of your lettering, a graphologist can provide a comprehensive personality profile of abilities and aptitudes and can even determine love and friendship compatibility when examining two writing styles at the same time. Fascinating and informative, a sure fire hit for any occasion.


 A James Bond-themed party wouldn’t be complete without a couple of mixologists in the corner, would it? Our top barmen can craft perfect cocktails for your guests, spin and flip bottles and help create a fantastically smart, high end atmosphere. We’d love to suggest a cocktail for you but we imagine you’ll have the usual, shaken not stirred. Even so, we recommend the Thunderball.

Body Painted Model

 How can you say no? A perfect accompaniment to Bond lookalikes including Jaws, Oddjob and yes, James Bond himself, a gold body painted model calls to mind the classic characters in Goldfinger and Quantum of Solace. Extremely effective as a surprise for guests to discover in an adjoining room, these models will ensure that your party is one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Spectre is out on 26th October 2015.



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By Henry Fosdike