In Pictures: Wandering Hands @ The Great Barn - Wedding Wednesday

December 07, 2016

What do you get when you cross exceptional photography, an incredible strolling act and the happiest day of two people's lives? The answer is these photos from a wedding at Aynhoe Park. We provided the entertainment and the brilliant HBA Photography were in position to snap the magical moments as they happened.

As a venue, The Great Barn at Aynho is one of our favourites, primarily because of its stunning and warm decor-- It's fair to say that there isn't another events venue quite like it in the rest of the UK. As a wedding venue then, it's perfect. A beautiful venue in gorgeous grounds, with a huge dose of fun on the inside. Marvellous!

  Needless to say, The Great Barn needs some loveable entertainment to go with its tranquil interior and to that end, Wandering Hands were the perfect choice. This strolling trio of three musicians - a saxophonist and two guitarists - are hugely popular with corporate and private clients alike thanks to their unique offering (they even helped with a proposal at Heathrow earlier this year!) They ensure that the entertainment comes to you and what's more, it's up to you which song they play from their repertoire. As these photos Jo and Jacob's wedding show, they ensured a marvellous time, even playing a little music at the cutting of the wedding cake!

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By Henry Fosdike