In Pictures: Wandering Hands at Tower Bridge

March 04, 2015

Another day goes by and another event to report back on. This time we’re coming at you from a historic high, aboard Tower Bridge, where Wandering Hands were on hand to entertain the invited guests as the brand new glass floor was declared open!

From these elevated heights of Tower Bridge come the photos of the wonderful Cecelina Tornberg. See if you can spot a thespian or two amongst the attendees.

One of the most famous landmarks in London, you may not recognise Tower Bridge from the inside. Obviously it isn’t always this deep shade of blue but it certainly adds to the mystique of the occasion. Dare you look down from above? Gulp.

Wandering Hands didn’t seem too perturbed by the view... Although note how they don’t exactly stand in the centre of the glass.

   The Tower Bridge attendees were regaled with songs from the Wandering Hands back catalogue whilst waiting with anticipation for the special guests to arrive. But who would they be? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Of course not!

    There was no need for Gandalf’s “You Shall Not Pass!” as pretty soon, the glass walkway was declared open and who better to cut the ribbon than the combined talents of Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen?

   With the party now in full swing and everyone enjoying themselves, it was time for Wandering Hands to return and play another fantastic set amongst the crowds. This time there was no trepidation about trampling all over the walkway!

  Many thanks again to Cecelina Tornberg for her photos. Her website can be found here and you can find her on Twitter here.



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By Henry Fosdike