In Pictures: Trevor George Entertainment Showcase @ Viva Blackpool

May 12, 2016

For those in the know within the events industry, Sternberg Clarke recently bought an entertainment company based in Torquay by the name of Trevor George Entertainment. They have been going for longer than the directors of Sternberg Clarke have been alive and have been providing high quality entertainment around the UK in hotels, holiday parks and cruises for just as long. Looking to showcase their entertainment across the midlands and beyond, we helped in providing some of our very own acts to add a little bit of London to their event. Here are some of the photos!

  Our venue was Viva Blackpool, a glorious live entertainment venue that features cabaret seating and more than enough room for a number of high quality acts. Wanting to make use of the space as much as possible, we laid on a variety of acts from different genres that guests may not have seen before. Of course, we also wanted the event to be as inclusive as possible, so provided a multitude of ever popular acts on the entertainment events scene. Trevore George (above) was only too happy to pose for the camera!

  The evening was ostensibly a showcase for both Trevor George Entertainment and the acts themselves, who delighted the crowds! Acrochaps were delighted to be in Blackpool (in their seaside outfits, of course!) whilst there was a bit of close-up magic to amaze guests as they arrived. From these first photos, you may think this wasn’t a glamorous affair…

 Fabulous dancers in full costume provided more than enough glitz for the entire evening! Of course, if it was a little more magic you were after then the multi-talented duo of High Jinx were on hand to entertain the crowd. They are no stranger to the shores of Blackpool and actually, we should have been thanking them for they regularly put on a show at the Viva and duly went down a storm! Don’t go thinking the entire evening was devoted to adults though; costumes again returned to the stage and Princess Parties duly impressed with Snow White on the verge of eating the apple in this photo. Oh no!

  Such terror was duly kept to a minimum for another act that evening in the form of the wonderful Supernova, who are so good they’ve appeared on The Apprentice and at the Event Awards. No higher praise than that! For those of you reading this who are thinking, “Sure, but where’s the circus?” Well, Ali & Klodi's acrobalance performance was utterly spellbinding. How could this evening possibly improve? By adding more acts to the bill of course!

   Molly Fairclough left the crowd enthralled with her brilliant voice whilst there was also time for music in the form of a few tributes acts from the likes of Shhirley Bassey, The Jerseys and the superbly named Celine Doone. No prizes for guessing the songs they sang!

   The mesmerising UV Hoops was probably the most visual act of the evening, whilst there was also some celebrity on hand in the form of the brilliant Britain’s Got Talent comedy impressionist, Danny Posthill.

  Obviously we don’t have time to mention every act by name in this blog but there are many more photos you can enjoy below, including one of our esteemed director Adam Sternberg standing with Anne George and thanking all of the performers. Marvellous.

        We had a superb time in Blackpool and cannot wait to return to the town for more sun, sea and entertainment. If you’re interested in the Blackpool Viva and the shows they have on throughout the summer and beyond, do check out their website. For any information on the acts featured in the evening, don’t hesitate to contact us using the links below and feel free to check out the fabulous Trevor George website.

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