In Pictures: The Radioheads and The Flowerpots @ Syon House

August 07, 2018

We love an al fresco summer event and this year there have been a whole host of them featuring a variety of wonderful entertainment acts. It isn’t just the music or the dance or the circus that we so enjoy but also the slightly more unique entertainment options that we offer.

When one thinks of entertainment at Syon House, they might think of booking a band to play to guests on the lawn or perhaps a juggler or fire performer to greet guests as they arrive. What most clients probably do not think about booking are the acts that they don’t know exist but thankfully as soon as we tell them about the variety of options on offer, they quickly want to know more.

 So it is that we come to The Radioheads and The Flowerpots, a combination of art installation, costume and comedy. As if stepping right out of a dreamlike landscape where not everything is as it seems, these creatures – how else can you explain their heads – wouldn’t be out of place on the front cover of a Pink Floyd album or entertaining as part of a Salvador Dali masterpiece. Just look at the photos; they always fit in, which is perhaps more surprising considering their choice of headwear.

We have now booked both The Radioheads and The Flowerpots on numerous occasions and we must say that they always provide a talking point for guests and event planners a like. It’s fair to say that the venue managers at Syon House had never experienced entertainment quite like it within their grounds and although there were acts that you might ordinarily expect to see at Glastonbury, they were certainly not out of place at this most elegant of stately residences.

 They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and that is certainly the case here with the pictures of The Flowerpots and The Radioheads mingling with guests definitely providing a talking point or two! Standing far from the crowd but also weaving through the assembled attendees, they provided a striking memory for all on this most beautiful day. An excellent choice for a scorching summer event!

We adore Syon House and we cannot wait to return at some point in the near future. If you would like any information about holding an event at Syon House or perhaps booking The Flowerpots or The Radioheads, then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike