Throwback Thursday - The Mirror Man and Organic Jam @ Old Billingsgate, 2016

June 28, 2018

Today's TBT provides a look back at an amazing event from 2016 that brought together all manner of lookalikes and performers to create a full on party atmosphere for the guests. We provided The Mirror Man and Organic Jam and as the photos show, it was a night to remember for everyone concerned! 

Our third ‘In Pictures’ blog of the week shows off the final event of the US company we’d worked with to provide anything from fire tubas to singing monks. What more could they be wanting? What more lay in store? What more would their guests be lucky enough to experience?

Put simply, this was the biggest event of the lot! Taking up the majority of Old Billingsgate, this was a huge party from beginning to end with a whole host of people in costume all dancing and singing on stage. A 70s David Bowie was seen to be doing the twist with a James Bond lookalike, whilst Jaws and Odd Job held back, perhaps pondering an attack? All the while, the mysterious Mirror Man showed that he’d put on his dancing shoes and was more than ready to impress the crowd!

 There’s something rather hypnotic about the Mirror Man as he stands in front of you, cane in hand. He’s exceptionally well-dressed in a smart suit and top hat, whilst sunglasses add to his innate sense of cool. But more than that, as you can see from these photos, is that when it comes to hiring entertainment for events, you won’t get anything quite as visually incredible as the Mirror Man. With over six thousand mirrors affixed to his being, he’s a walking mirror ball, a glitzy delight and the sort of thing you thought only existed in a Harry Potter book. And yet here he is, looking as amazing as ever.

   As soon as you hire the Mirror Man, you’ll be excited. When you see him for the first time, you’ll be so deliriously happy that you’ll want to dance. And how can you do that without music? Simple. You can’t. So here’s what you should do – hire Organic Jam and then elevate our DJ above the entire corporate party. How insane would that be?! Very. But it works!

   Organic Jam played the hits throughout the night, all the while watching as various people from the 007 universe interacted with a pop mega star below. What a sight that must have been (although between you and I, we’re grateful it wasn’t us up there as rumour has it there was no opportunity to quickly nip to the loo if needed!)

The worst part of being involved in supplying entertainment for parties and events is that eventually, they all come to an end and everybody has to return home (or to the Mirror World.) We’d had medieval entertainment, fire tuba and finally the mystical magic of the Mirror Man and Organic Jam. What a wonderful series of events!

Photos by Dusty Brown Photography.



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By Henry Fosdike