In Pictures: The Lipsí Debut Performance at Banqueting House With Support from Sewuese

November 19, 2014

For the Historic Royal Palaces second annual showcase dinner for event industry guests and luminaries at Banqueting House in Whitehall, London, new all-female a capella group The Lips took to the stage for their debut performance whilst background music was provided by sultry soul singer Sewuese.

Celebrating the venue's ability to host events all year round, the decor of the event was themed around the four seasons as florist Simon J Lycett draped the arrival courtyard in a wash of springtime blossom trees for guests to enjoy. As eventgoers mingled upon their arrival, they were then prompted to wander beneath a shaded undercroft wherein summer-inspired cocktails were served by caterer Blue Strawberry.

Once guests were escorted up the grand staircase – walls laden with projections of cascading gold autumnal leaves – they were shown to their tables in the main hall with the cutlery set, the stage ready and The Lips raring to go on their debut night.

But before they were to entertain the crowd, it was time for dinner to be served alongside a light course of soulful background music provided by the amazingly talented Sewuese who was partered by an acoustic guitarist.

Dishes served were primarily comfort-food options derived from an autumn and winter palette and ahead of the final courses, the room was transformed – by way of projections  – into a cold blue hue complete with falling snowflakes to complement the festive snowball desert, creating a magnificently winterry scene.

With as many members as there are seasons, the four females collectively known as The Lips strutted out onto the winter-themed stage and performed their very first performance since being formed by female world beatbox champion Bellatrix with a cover of Lorde's Royals.

With praise coming not long after, head of Banqueting House Jennifer Walker exclaimed: “I was so excited about them [The Lips], but I couldn’t have been happier! Well I could, they could have stayed on about half an hour longer! LOOOOOOVED THEM!"

The Lips' career in corporate entertainment looks to be glittering already.



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By Stephen Warr