In Pictures: Steampunk Entertainment @ the Natural History Museum

April 05, 2016

On Sunday night, we welcomed guests into a Steampunk world at the Natural History Museum, where guests were invited to explore the myriad of wonders held within, enjoy a drink at the brass bar and marvel at the many exciting props to behold throughout the night. We supplied a ravishing list of entertainment to engage and enthral, an imaginarium of delights!

Steampunk is a pretty cool theme. That was the overriding thought from both guests and staff on hand to ensure a smooth night. With so many weird and wonderful contraptions on display for everyone to enjoy, it’s a mystery why this incredible theme isn’t used more often for corporate events. Think Mad Max. Think Stardust. Think Hellboy. Yes, this is what parties should be all about and to be honest, this is a party that got it right! Many wonder what is the point of entertainment at events? These photos and the feedback from all is your answer. It’s to wow the crowd and make everyone gasp, whoop and cheer at every opportunity! Apologies for the poor photo quality in some places by the way; we were using a steampunk phone. All good quality photos come courtesy of the ever-fantastic Holly Clark Photography







   Our client was a US company and rather than do a no-doubt-awesome-as-well Best of British theme, they opted for Victorian style with mechanical technology. It was a cracking decision for the children loved it! Yes, there were children at this corporate event and to be honest, we can’t help but query why so many corporate parties aren’t family events. Everybody loves it and they go down a storm!

   The key to putting on an incredible party is first picking the right venue. Heintze Hall at the Natural History Museum is the choice if you’re looking to weave British with historic, so it was a no brainer. But how to fill the space? Well, working in conjunction with the genius minds of Event ConceptVeevers CarterTabletalk and of course the Natural History Museum themselves, we think we came up with an evening that will be remembered long into the future…and all just by looking into the imagined past.

   With Steampunk, there’s always an element of futuristic entertainment thrown in… To amaze spectators as they first arrived, we had two meet and greet costumed characters on the door to welcome everybody into the main hall. Complete with a fabulous moustache here and a brass telescope there, all were suitably impressed. Not only did the costumes astound but the makeup from our artists was equally superb! Heading further into the hall, just inside were a few drummers, a contact juggler and a unicyclist, all just as steampunk’d (is that a verb?) and fascinating the assembled crowd.

Over by the stairs of the Natural History Museum, Charles Darwin was seen to admire the Watling Street Band, performing an hour as guests arrived. No sooner were they done than Box 9 Drum Line ensured all eyes were upon them for a loud and incredible four minute performance. Adam and the Ants’ Prince Charming made way for London Calling by the Clash, with video of that performance from below (alas, the backing track wasn’t quite audible in the upper echelons!)

  Barely allowing the audience to catch their breath, Anna and Nick then performed a virtuoso setlist of violin and guitar, bringing down the house with some gentle strumming intertwined with Anna’s vibrant show(wo)manship! She danced, delighted, performed amongst the guests on the floor and by the end of the evening had people in the palm of her hand… But for now, it was just a taster of what was to come.

 On the floor, the brilliant Pete was entertaining guests with his magic tricks – just how did that signed card get into that sealed envelope? – and our meet and greet costumed characters were mingling to great effect. Just how many photos were they in? It was impossible to know, such was their popularity! Meanwhile, over by the stairs, Watling Street were again playing a hit imbued with hits a plenty!

 As guests were allowed to access the many exciting exhibits at the Natural History Museum without the hordes of crowds you’d normally find at the weekend, you would be forgiven for thinking that the party atmosphere may have begun to dwindle by the time Anna once again took to the stairs. Not so! As magician Pete entertained the children in the kids section with various types of magic trick, Anna allowed the crowd to marvel with a performance that felt part-masterclass, part-encore. How often does one whoop and cheer at the Royal Albert Hall? Rarely. At the Natural History Museum however, it was constant! Photographs aplenty as Anna weaved her way through the crowd, violin and bow in hand. Stunning.

   As Watling Street soundtracked the departures of the many assembled guests (five hundred by our count), our entertainment acts were heard to mutter that this was an amazing event theme for 2016 and most didn’t want to get out of their fabulously created costumes. Alas, they had to be returned to the wardrobe but it was a great night and here’s to the next huge event we do in London. We cannot wait!


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By Henry Fosdike