In Pictures: Saxophone & Vocals @ Playboy Club London

February 19, 2018

It’s an unfortunate fact that there aren’t too many events in January. As such, there aren’t too many photo blogs. As the cold makes way for the warmth and the sun stays up just a little longer, the parties quickly return and that brings us to this fabulous event at Playboy Club London.

We were delighted to work with gaming company Microgaming as they were looking to relax a little after a difficult day at ICE 2018. For the uninitiated, ICE is one of the top events of the gaming industry calendar, so it was no surprise to see Microgaming make an appearance. How best to chill out after a busy day? An evening of entertainment of course!

 Playboy Club London is an excellent venue in the heart of London and we have been delighted to hold many a party there over the years. From an evening devoted to the USA and another which was ran under the theme of ‘Glitterball’, there have been some truly amazing events that we have been involved with.

  This particular party was no exception with Microgaming booking a Saxophonist to provide some stunning melodies. There’s nothing quite like the sound of a saxophone and Dan is one of our top performers. He wasn’t alone though because we were also delighted to provide Megan. When looking to book a vocalist, many clients look for a blend of incredible vocals and excellent stage presence and as a result, Megan is a brilliant choice. You may even spot a costume change!   

  Playing a variety of songs from a varied repertoire throughout the night, the evening was a tremendously enjoyable affair and these photos from Microgaming certainly show a phenomenal evening.

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By Henry Fosdike