In Pictures: Roche at Vinopolis

February 11, 2015

Sometimes you get an event which is just too cool to feature on the blog. We want to keep it to ourselves and bask in the photos, ooh-ing and ahh-ing with every click of the mouse as the memories come flooding back of what a wonderful experience it was. Of course, eventually we want to talk about with someone and since nobody else has seen them, we have to allow the world in. With that in mind then, it really is your lucky day. 
Below we have a tantalising glimpse at the experience we created at Vinopolis for Roche.
  London is not Hollywood. We all know that. But why let that hold you back from creating an immersive event whereby gangsters walk the room scowling at your complete disregard for prohibition as you sample the wine? We transformed the Great Hall, making sure to hark back to the golden age of the silver screen, affixing the famous sign above the door, designing all the sumptuous costumes and even throwing in a quick draw saloon shoot-out. Kapow! 
With living Christmas trees waiting to welcome guests, we waited with a camera to catch reactions as they occurred. Some were fine...
 After such an experience, it was clear that a harpist was just what was required to soothe the rising blood pressure. Phew. Of course, others delighted in excising the adrenaline by taking on the Slough Slammers in an arm wrestle or sampling the free sweets available from Knickerbolliglory.
   Walking through to another room and the theme had been overcome by the cold. Thankfully, we were on hand to freeze these moments in time with the following photos...
  A silent disco? You got it. A snow cone? Yep. But how are you going to enjoy it? Why not sit down on one of our comfy beanbags and take in the fake snow upon the floor? Of course, it’s difficult to stay in one place for an extended amount of time and pretty soon, guests were back on their feet rubbing shoulders with a scarecrow, dancing to the DJ or crooning with the karaoke.
  All in all, it was a wonderful free-flowing experience. And the best bit is that now you’ve seen the photo album we can all talk about it in revered tones. Ahh...

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By Henry Fosdike