In Pictures: Reindeer, a Polar Bear, Light Walkers and Corelli @ British Museum

November 25, 2015


T’was a fair few nights before Christmas and the city was hearty,
Some reindeer were requested to enhance a party (go with it…)
But who do you call for just such a booking?
“Sternberg Clarke of course, for what else were you looking? 
We also have Corelli, Light Walkers and a polar bear—
No, you didn’t mishear we can get it there!” 
And so it certainly turned out to be,
A fab night at the British Museum… Come see!


As guests began to arrive at the party location,
They saw Santa’s reindeer and gave them a startling ovation.
Yes, we’d arranged with Santa for a doe and a buck,
They were adored by the crowd and couldn’t believe their luck!
Photographed and stroked and spoiled as hell,
They could be forgiven for thinking they were royals as well!
With so much attention, they had a marvellous time,
But what awaited the guests inside? Something fine!
“Is that--?” Yes, it certainly is.
An anthropomorphic polar bear, you can hardly miss!
He’s so huge and big and lifelike, it’s amazing!
We know, you asked for something curtain raising!
And it hardly gets more astounding than a moving polar bear,
Whose Inuit friend stood close by, adding some flare.
What else was there to see in this place? 
How about Corelli, playing the music with such grace. 
A quartet of musicians is something just splendid. 
Adding music to an event is something most certainly recommended. 
But it’s not just sound at events that make them so great,
But visuals too; for this we went all ornate!
Yes, the Light Walkers were put on display.
Guests marvelled, gawped and begged to stay.
“The light is so good, their dresses a delight,
Those wings too and my, from such a great height!”
Alas, after a gorgeous evening it was time to leave,
Gather our things, allow the British Museum a reprieve.
We shall be back for another event before too long, 
But until that time, “Goodbye, stay strong!”




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By Henry Fosdike