In Pictures Patrick Ness w/ Gemma Cairney @ Waterstones Piccadilly

September 07, 2015

Working in conjunction with Walker Books UK for the exciting launch of top Young Adult novel The Rest of Us Just Live Here, we provided presenter Gemma Cairney for a chat to top author Patrick Ness at Waterstones Piccadilly.

Book launches and literature events tend to be a tad more laid back than most other events in the entertainment world. People are here to read not to party and it’s clear from this Patrick Ness event that the evening will be no different... Or is it? For ensconced within the crowd are various fans of all ages, desperate to hear their favourite author speak about writing and his latest book, The Rest of Us Just Live Here.

It’s a sparkling premise for a novel; what if when the world needs saving, you are not ‘the Chosen One?’ What if you are situated on the outside, looking in? What if your name isn’t Katniss and it’s the rather mundane Mikey instead? Patrick Ness explains the various processes of writing the novel - it primarily exists because of a wish to write a joke that occurs at the top of Chapter Ten – and the frustration with having to pigeon hole your work into a genre.

 We provided Radio 1 presenter Gemma Cairney for this event and she was an absolute breath of fresh air, allowing Patrick to discuss The Rest of Us Just Live Here with herself but also to the fans, who had an awful lot of questions, chief amongst them a discussion about whether or not Patrick would ever write a female protagonist. He argues that he definitely has one in a previous book but the fan isn’t necessarily placated. Clearly an issue for another time!

As well as the book, Gemma and Patrick also discussed his fundraising effort for Syria that had started that day. That evening it was at £85,000 and by the time of this writing, it has reached £436,673.38 or just over £500,000 with Gift Aid. Incredible! Before too long though, the questions were over and it was time for Patrick to sign The Rest of Us Just Live Here for his many fans.

All in all the event was a fabulous affair and we’d like to thank the lovely Waterstones Piccadilly for their hospitality, Paul Black at Walker Books and of course Gemma Cairney and Patrick Ness for being so giving with their time. If you need a presenter for your event, then feel free to get in touch using the links below! 



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By Henry Fosdike