In Pictures: Pandora Summer Party

July 15, 2015

The middle of July and planning a summer garden party. What could possibly go wrong?

As the delight of Wimbledon trundles into the distance like a faded memory, it appears that the much-loved tennis tournament may well have taken the weather with it. But did we let that bother us as we descended on the Belfry entertainment in hand? Absolutely not. We were determined not to let the weather dampen our spirits and seemingly, neither were the employees of Pandora.


Booking a VW van in which to house your photobooth was a stroke of luck in hindsight as the rain poured upon the grounds of this famous golfing venue

 With a pair of parrots and a face painter enhancing the festival atmosphere (let's be honest, the weather was perfect if we were looking to recreate Glastonbury), it was up to our Steel Pan Quartet to provide the music. Situated in a gorgeous wooden bandstand and proving their resilience to the raindrops by wearing Hawaiian shirts, they offered up a sunny smile in stark juxtaposition to the clouds above.

 Thankfully our two fortune tellers were able to hanker down inside the tents and marquees, but there was no such luck for our wonderful Bubble Man who performed to the masses in the torrential rain. "Perfect for bubbles!" He declared. As we observed the situation, we had to agree. It was a rather wonderful act that had everybody smiling, even as the umbrellas remained rooted in position.

 Further proof then - if proof were needed - that no matter the occasion, all will be left suitably entertained at a Sternberg Clarke event!




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By Henry Fosdike