In Pictures: One Night In Bangkok (Part I Of 'The Best Parties Ever')

January 07, 2015

For the one of 'the best parties ever' – an annual, themed Christmas-time extravaganza – we put together a setlist of entertainment to capture the full-hearted feeling of a pan-Asian celebration that would rival even a night in Bangkok itself.

Taking place over 22 nights across two out-of-London venues and putting atmosphere at the tip of the party priorities, a selection of performers were handpicked to create a truly immersive and beautiful experience for all who attended. Amongst these talented performers were: an aerial silk performer, a Chinese pole performer, three traditional thai dancers, and two Chinese-style acrobats.

Read on after the break to see more pictures and information on this stunningly immersive pan-Asian themed event.

Entering the stage in a whirl of oriental beauty were two Chinese acrobats-slash-dancers equipped with silk ribbons to assist in mesmerising the already excited audience. They glided along the venue’s main walkway and took centre stage to show off their impeccable technique, combining a centuries-old art with a flashy, modern flair.

Also joining on the dancing action were three exemplary Thai dancers who performed a ceremonial dance to traditional thai music.

And not to forget what is primarily a northern Thai tradition - the peacock dance.

Needing to crane their necks ever so slightly, guests were also treated to a fabulous display by a world class aerial silk performer to a pulse-pounding backing track. Surrounded by a wonderful set, she dazzled, flicked and flew amongst the silk.

Of course, what's any celebration without the classic Chinese lion? Conceived in Ancient China Star and star of countless Hong Kong action films, it waded towards centre stage to haughty applause from the onlooking crowd. 

And, as a centrepiece of the evening - the Chinese pole. An ancient form of acrobatics and immense bodily feats combine to create one of the most breathtaking performances you're likely to see in person. Truly it has to be seen to be believed.

And, to round off this 'One Night in Bangkok' themed party, all the acts took to the main stage for a final medley as the DJ slowly pumped in the tunes to let the evening take a more free-form flow.





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By Stephen Warr