In Pictures: Mr. Bean and the Queen's Guards at Merchant Taylors' Hall

March 08, 2016

It's not often that we have an event that every single person in the office wants to head along to but that was certainly the case last week when we took a booking for a marvellous Mr. Bean lookalike and two royal guards at Merchant Taylors' Hall last week. Although we hadn't booked him, Teddy was also along for the trip!

 It was a wonderfully fun affair inside the incredible Merchant Taylors' Hall venue; it's a brilliant events space, which is perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events! It was for the latter that we were contacted about, supplying a little bit of British entertainment for an Asian client in the heart of London.

Armed with our knowledge of 'The Best of British' events theme, we set about trying to find something that would go down a storm. Perhaps the Queen? Alas, no. How about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; a little Royal wedding enjoyment? Nope. Hmm... Michael Caine and the Italian Job? The Spice Girls? No, no and no again.

 Okay, how about hiring a Mr. Bean lookalike? Now we're talking! Yes, it turns out that Mr. Bean is absolutely huge in China, which is how our Mr. Bean lookalike first discovered his similarities to the rubber faced funny man. After being mobbed one too many times on holiday, he realised there may just be a market for this...

 ...And so it proved as these fantastic photos show! We sent along a couple of Royal Guards to complete the picture and a fabulous time was had by all!

Enjoy that? Feel free to check out the time that our similarly dressed fanfare trumpeters met Shaun the Sheep or get in contact if you're looking for a Mr. Bean for hire! 

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By Henry Fosdike