In Pictures: Mermaids, Superhooper, Sphere Contortion and Light Dancer @ Haymarket Hotel, London

January 18, 2016

Events can be magical affairs, especially when you’ve taken the decision to hire unique entertainment for your corporate event that many people won’t have seen before! Our client wanted a fun way to thank their travel agent partners over the past year and what better way to reference the exotic trips that they specialise in than by having guests greeted by stunning mermaids upon their arrival? And that was just the start…

 When it comes to arranging mermaids at your event, the first thing you need is a pool, which was dutifully provided by the Haymarket Hotel in central London. The second thing you need is of course a stellar costume and makeup combo to truly wow your guests! Our fab makeup artists and costumier worked for a number of hours with our two fab mermaids, resulting in something that all agreed was truly special. Event entertainment at its best!

  With attendees due to arrive at any moment, we took the opportunity to photograph our star performers relaxing poolside, but it wasn't long before they were swimming in the water to the delight of their audience.

    And if that wasn’t enough, we’d laid on a SuperhooperLight Dancer and (half a) Sphere Contortion - due to ceiling restrictions - to keep the gasps coming!

        As can be seen from all these photos, this was a spectacular event that combined the beauty of spectacular costume with dancing both in and outside the water. We love creating entertainment for your event to a bespoke theme and cannot wait to see what the rest of 2016 holds. So if you have an event that requires some unusual or unique entertainment then check out our create page or get in touch using the contact page below.




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By Henry Fosdike