In Pictures: Magical Montmartre (Part 2 Of ‘The Best Parties Ever’)

February 09, 2015

To ensure that party goers got into the Christmas spirit in style, we put together ‘Magical Montmartre’ as one of the ‘best parties ever’, an annual yuletide celebration that encompassed a veritable feast of Parisian delights.

With 12 nights taking place in a gorgeous custom-built marquee at Beaumont House in the heart of Windsor, the night was an evening of pure entertainment from start to finish, featuring an immersive environment and a whole host of talented performers. From an accordionist and caricaturist to dancing in the style of the can-can and more, the evening was undoubtedly one that those who attended are unlikely to ever forget.

Read on after the break to enjoy more from our very own ‘Moulin Rouge’.
Lights, camera, dance! Our dancers provided an enticing sight, tripping the light fantastic beneath a replica of the famous windmill. 
 The theme of the evening was on display across the venue, a seamless coordination of costume and production design. With regards to the former, many were hand-made bespoke pieces, designed and put together specially for the event.
 As the night progressed, the cabaret style provided quite the spectacle as our dancers entertained the crowds with the can-can in front of a bespoke heart-shaped background.
And the wonders didn't stop there -- not only able to marvel at the illuminations cast across the top of the 'big top', guests were also able to enjoy the spectacle provided by a world class aerial silk performer. Accompanied by a mesmerising backing track from Diana Krall, she twirled in time to the tempo leaving mouths agape. This is certainly something that has to be seen to be believed. 
 A truly magical and sumptuous evening, it was hard to believe that Paris hadn't simply been transported to the venue. A fun-filled delight for the entire crowd.

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By Henry Fosdike